Reynard is Change Clothes. Who?


this some is top notch shit reading im right now


Nope that is fullest extent of the Glacius school of writing.


It’s actually quite clever to make mistakes every second word and still be perfectly understandable. Some of the best authors have tried their hand at it. Not as easy as it looks!


The human mind has teh uncynn abliity to cprhendm rdows veen if yeht rea mxide up cpomplteyl. It is a emremarkaleb teaf of the ysnapse and unereons


There is only one creepy thing about this scene…Orson’s / string…I was laughing at first but it’s ridiculous!!Have them both wear underwear for political correctness sake!!It would be cool to have a surprise kill while Alma gets ready for a striptease( Layla from Absolution,please teach her :stuck_out_tongue: )


Should reverse it. Him in pyamas and her with the thong? Ps anyone tried shooting her mid-dressup? To see she stays in clothes of goes to pj,s? If not I’ll try this evening.


Layla’s going to have some problems doing that given how well that striptease worked out for her.

Personally I feel the real issue is that Carson is forced to wear that thong, he should be free to let it all hang out (but I do enjoy that it could be a nice hat tip to Beldingford Manor where a maid was showering in her underwear)


Heavy sigh

It is Orson, Or-Son!



If it’s a hat tip it’s got to be to Franz Fuchs, who elevated the red g-string to the garment we all feel comfortable wearing in the shower to this day.


This thread of forum made for Hitman game is the best discussion topic of our world!

Pursue all dreams in closets tomorrow.


If you collect certain items in a certain order around the house, you’ll hear bell ring up in the bedroom which lets you know that you’ve unlocked a secret. Now when Alma changes, she actually gets undressed and you see her nude before she changes into her sleepwear. I discovered this the other day and was quite surprised that it was in the game.


Was it where you have to search the whole outdoor area to dig up that certain item? Yeah totally worth it! :raised_hands:


Oh man I still can’t believe I found that hey. Just got insanely lucky somehow, it’s so crazy how precise you have to be with where you’re standing when you’re trying to find it. And yeah dude it was definitely, DEFINITELY worth it. Alma too sexy :heart_eyes:


When I try do this it me tells dig on screen. No shovel but on map find me. Is no possible do by hands this only?


It always is my friend, don’t you worry!


Does this secret affect Orson too? Asking for a friend.


Dude don’t troll, me and Urben are trying to discuss how we unlocked the secret. Don’t spread false info, it just makes us confused. There are no shovels on the map and you certainly don’t need it to dig up the phone :roll_eyes:

Please don’t pretend you know what you’re talking about just to fit in.


I haven’t checked, I only saw Alma. If I’m able to do it again I’ll see if anything happens to him


Me no fit in. Me too fat.


I’ll give it up, that was pretty good