RIP @Agent.Smith ✝️


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Please use this thread to share some of your memories and conversations you had with @Agent.Smith

Survived by his girlfriend @Searchingforanswers

I’m so sorry for your loss. My deepest condolences, I can’t even imagine how you must be feeling. @Agent.Smith was a great member here and I will miss the conversations we had during his time on this forum. May he Rest In Peace.

Suicide is preventable and help is out there. Don’t choose to make a permanent decision to a temporary problem… If you or someone you know is having trouble, please, please reach out! Listen… It could literally save a life.


Is this for real? What happened to


From what I gather, it is… I think we should just keep this thread for what it is and not discuss private matters. No offense.

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Sorry but you’re just kind of springing this on me here, I didn’t even know if this was a joke post or not. Rest in peace.


No need for apologies.
But yes, this is very upsetting to hear… I had a lot of good conversations with him. Very sad day. He will be missed.


I’m sorry for the you and his family have to experience this lose and I hope that with the help you been provided on the this forum will give some clarification.

I hope you and him are able to find peace.


I also wanted to share that @Agent.Smith (thanks to a topic we were discussing in another thread) introduced me to a TV series called; Lilyhammer.

Have it not been for him, I would have probably never discovered this awesome show. So thank you for that my friend. I will always think of you now whenever I watch it :slightly_smiling_face:


I’ve discussed KOTOR 1 a lot with him. Rest In Peace Agent.Smith.


Rest in Peace, Agent. :broken_heart:


@Agent.Smith, rest in peace. :broken_heart: :latin_cross:


Rest in Peace, @Agent.Smith.

I didn’t interact with him as much as other members, but he certainly dedicated to Hitman games and this forum a lot, being passionate and also caring.

Being the last one replying to his post, I was unable to notice his unusual behavior, thus jokingly replying him with what I had seen in the thread. Now I constantly think of, what if I added some lines like “Hi, Smith! It’s been a long time. Welcome back!”, and a tragedy can be prevented. But nothing can change what has been done.

As for @Searchingforanswers, it must be a hard time for you and his family. I am sorry for your loss and hoping all of you can recover soon. Agent.Smith will never be forgotten.


May his soul rest in peace :candle:



Rest in Peace. May you be in a better world now. :latin_cross:


He was young. Did not expected this sudden shocking news. RIP.


I’m saddened by this. We didn’t interact all that frequently but he seemed like a decent guy with a strong personality.


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He was always the best, nobody ever came close.


I helped him out once…

And when I was setting up my Undying kill, I thought of him.

“I’m dedicating this to @Agent.Smith .” -was the thought I had.

…I don’t know what to say here. And this was before I even knew what had happened. (I don’t even know if it had happened at that point – but still!)

eta: he once asked me what my real (first) name was… Looks like his name was Robby.


Smith was a nice guy and although I don’t agree with what he said in some topics, he was definitely someone to look up to and I wish only the best to happen for his girlfriend in the future.

Rest In Peace Smith.


I had the thought of posting a meme for him when he came back from his ban. I won’t go into what the meme portrayed since that would probably be too insensitive (that and I don’t know the circumstances regarding his passing) - but I will say that it had a caption along the lines of “When your leftist friend gets called a Nazi.” and the guy is saying; “First Time?”

Anyway. Very sorry to hear about what happened. Always know - it’s never worth it!