Rockstar at TwitchCon

What do you think Rockstar Games will announce at TwitchCon
Please vote your opinion and discuss here.
I would really love to here what other people think.

here is the poll link

probably a new way to implement more micro transactions into GTA V.

I hope for GTA2 HD tho.


what? the most fun i had with a Rockstar Game was GTA2, followed by Bully and Red Dead Redemption 1.

honestly? I’d pay maybe 40 Bucks for Codename 47 and 20 for GTA2.


They don’t have to show it or anything, it doesnt even have to be soon, but just say GTA 6 is real and is coming down the pipeline.

Short of that I would like an update to GTA V where they add another island. even if its small, just something new. I can see them adding a “Las Venturas” location out at sea, thats not huge but is built up with a lot of buildings. Give us something new in that world, its getting closer and closer to a decade old now.


That is the exact reason why I think GTA 6 is not any time soon. Because GTA Online is still racking in the cash for them and they will not put a damper on that until it starts to dry up for them.

I think they were hoping RDR2 Online would cover the gap between GTA Online and GTA 6 Online, but it seems RDR2 Online is not doing anywhere near as well as they would have liked let alone hoped.


its a classic Game and knowing that IO would do shit to Remaster it - like the HD Trilogy, especially BM - i think 40€ would be more than enough.

i probably would even buy it for 60, who am i kidding lol

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Bully 2

It’s too early for gta 6 to be announced I guess


I mean its Twitchcon i doubt anything will be “announced” there. Bully 2 or GTA 6 or something needs a bigger platform for that type of reveal. at most I expect them talking about RDR2 online content to come at most. Or some new game that is twitch oriented (somethign in the rockstar vein of jackbox)

Rockstar never attends any event themselves even if they want to announce something they do it through other companies like they have done with sony and Microsoft before. Also rockstar has recently got a successful rating certificate from Australian gaming court for something about rdr2 so there are rumors that either rdr2 pc or story mode dlc for rdr2 will be announced soon if not at twitchcon.


I would love to see Codename 47 ported to ps4. No remaster. Just ported with trophy support.

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Even though saying so may make @MrOchoa hate me, I don’t think I disagree with that. I absolutely loved Codename 47 and Hitman 2 Silent Assassin back in the day, played them ALL THE TIME loved them to death and still do love them. But I have not played those older games in years, and when they put out the Blood Money and Absolution HD bundle I picked it up and tried to play Blood Money. But the controls are AWFUL! I mean completely terrible in a modern sense. I still hold the games dear to my heart but I just cant play them again after all this time and being so familiar with the better new controls of modern games.

That being said I full endorse a remaster of Codename 47 and Hitman 2 Silent Assassin using this current Engine. I would pay 120 dollars for that easy! But it has to have the better newer controls imo.

I just platted Blood Money on ps4. The controls were so responsive and very easy. I cant think of one way to make it better. What is the problem you and so many others are having?

Its not about the response to the controls its just the era they are from. It is very hard for me to explain it but that era of video games all had some very odd feel to how they controled. Even back then Hitman was rather weird with its controls compared to games of its time. If I could compare it to anything Hitman is closer to Syphon filter than it is to Metal Gear with its control choices.

But modern games controls have been basically mastered, and going back and playing these older games that have different control designs is just rather odd and jarring.

I doubt its noticable to people who play the older games more frequently. I played Hitman 2 Silent Assassin back when Contracts released and after that last playthrough of H2SA I kinda stopped playing games in general for a while, I came back playing games like Assassins Creed and what not that jsut had better flow of controls, everythign jsut felt natural. I played all those games for years and even absolution when that came out it had better control feel that felt modern. But when I went back and played Blood Money HD, it had the feeling of (felt like not actually was this) a game that you have always played one way for 1000 hours all of a sudden inverting the X and Y axis on you. It was just all of a sudden and strange to me, it just feels so off compared to the modern flow.

As i said its really hard to describe for me.

Blood money and Manhunt are both games I played extensively since like 9 years old so thats probably why these games are so easy and enjoyable for me still to this day. Coincidence how you bring up that game. I just got it on ps4. Manhunt is the most disturbing game Ive played but judging from the Trailer Last of us Part 2 might take that spot away.

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Dont worry buddy, i hate nobody for having a different opinion on a 20 Year old Videogame :smile:

i agree with you here, but i think the controls of the Trilogy Games is way better. Blood Money has too much options for just 3 Buttons, so you often choose the wrong by accident. especially when dragging a body to a container, want to take their clothes and dem them in, i end up opening and closing the damn container because its all the same Button.
but maybe its just because i play the Trilogy more often than BM and I’m more used to them, but the controls feel less convoluted to me.

i would love to see a new Version of Codename 47 with all the Gameplay improvements from HITMAN 2 - preferably in a nice Bundle with the original Version :heart_eyes:

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No love for Vice City? :pensive: Bully and Red Dead are my favs tho

I want Bully 2 so fucking much. Manhunt looks like it was a so-so game, they already said they are holding off on GTA VI, if it was GTAO stuff it would just be a normal announcement on their sites, we just had the awesomeness that was RDR2, Agent is deader than Alec Trevayan and who cares about Midnight Club? So it is either a Bully or a Rockstar Table Tennis reboot.

More than likely they’re just announcing a port of some kind. Maybe red dead on pc? LA Noire’s VR cases was recently just ported to PS4.

As a rockstar fanboy (yes I do feel shame for being a fanboy of any kind), I can already tell you they’re not gonna announce anything big. They rarely announce anything at E3.

Vice City is my favorite 3D GTA, because i like the 80s, the Music and Cocaine.