Romania should be added to contracts mode, if it is, here are some changes I'd personally make to the map

Like many people, I was pretty disappointed when I found out the final mission of the WOA trilogy was a short, linear level with only 5 mastery levels. I only played this map a total of four times. The fact that I can count how many times I played a single HITMAN map is pretty sad, let alone on one hand.

Romania should be brought into contracts mode along with some changes. All of these changes should only be brought into contracts mode for obvious reasons and should not effect the original mission:

Add some more starting locations, like starting as a soldier or an office worker and remove the “Reflection” starting location for obvious reasons.

The full loadout should be available as well as the option to change your suit when you start in the lab or outside.

There should also be a smuggle point or two (it’s a small map, so you don’t have to add too many). The smuggle point could be an agency pickup in one of those small rooms in passenger cars or a stash in a bathroom.

There should be a few more exit locations; this map suffers from what Hawke’s Bay suffers from: only having one exit. Having only one exit really brings down the sandbox aspect and replayability in a HITMAN map, imo. Having an exit in the middle of the train and at lab could make the level a bit more open ended, especially if there is a start location in the office. Not having to take the same exact exit would make the map a lot better.

What do you think of my improvements? What would you personally like to see added to Romania? Despite being a small, linear map, Romania has potential to be a decent sandbox location with some changes and improvements!