SA Elusive Targets Bug

I’ve eliminated all of my ETs so far with an SA rating (4 ETs) yet my challenge for Hitman SA ETs shows 1/5.

This is a well-known bug that can’t be fixed.

However this situation will be fixed manually within 48 hours after Elusive Target window is closed.
So just be patient and wait a little.
You’ll get everything you deserve eventually

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So does that mean the Elusive Target window for this ET or after the entire ET cycle? Thanks.

Each ET window

Ok, thanks! :smile: :smile:

Hello, the Elusive Target of the moment (The appraiser) appears in my home with the status MISSED.

OK it’s true that in January 2019 I missed it, but isn’t this another chance to succeed that you’re doing here?

Or is it a bug?

First time I’ve had the case for an Elusive Target.

If it says MISSED, you should be able to play it now.
You can’t enter this contract, right?
Seems a bug…


Exactly! I haven’t been able to launch the mission since it appeared.
Capture d’écran (58)|690x400

The image shows that you didn’t miss it, it shows that you failed it.

Are you sure you never played this contract?
Are you sure nobody else didn’t login to your account?
If you didn’t play this target then somebody surely did. And failed it.
This also may be possible if you bought previously used copy.

Leave here your account name, maybe IOI employee could check what’s going on

Absolutely no one played my game.
I was looking forward to this Elusive Target because I missed it last year!

There is another screenshot (2) on previous post.

My account IOI is [email protected] .

Thanks! :wink:

It still shows 1/5, does anyone know a fix?

48 hours hasn’t passed yet. Wait until tmrw or Wednesday and the counter will say 4/5.

You shouldn’t worry about it, it’s a bug that many got and it gets solved.
When you get your next Silent Assassin and reach 5/5 then you’ll have the Winter Suit within 48 hours after that ET has ended.

Alright, thanks for the help!

Yeah, The Appraiser has only just departed.
It needs some time to retrieve all necessary data.
That’s why the developers took 48 hours to maintain these things.

Note that you won’t get any note or message about suit had appeared in your inventory.
Either wait till mid-week or even weekend or go check your inventory right now.
Maybe your suit has already arrived

Thanks a lot for you help and your answers !

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Should it have been fixed by now?

Did you check your inventory?
Go do, maybe you’ll find a suit there.
There is no notifications about suit being added, so you should check your inventory regularly after each ET is gone

It’s supposed to be 4/5 but it’s still 1/5

It doesn’t matter what the counter says, it’s bugged.
So if you eliminated The Appraiser for the first time now and claiming for gloved and masked tuxedo, you should already have it by now in your inventory - go check for it there.
If you already have eliminated The Appraiser and already have that suit, you simply should wait for the next ET and eliminate it with SA rating.
And then after the next ET expires, within 48 hours you should get your well-deserved Winter Suit.

As I said above, you won’t get an message that the suit is arrived in your inventory though, so you should check your inventory for newcomers regularly

The Appraiser if my 4th ET.
I’m going to try and kill the next one and see if I get the suit.
Thank you!