SA rating disappeared from ET page


Today when i checked career/ET challenges i noticed it stated i have SA challenge on black hat uncomplete.
Which is bs since i had 5 stars and nice silent assasin logo at scoreboard. Is this some kind of bug?What to do ? It might be small thing but it drives my ocd crazy.
Is there leadeboard somewhere to prove it?


Yes there is a leaderboard - go to the Career tab and select the Elusive Target tile and then The Blackhat. You should be able to get to the leaderboards from there.

I had an issue like this near launch where the game was “eating” challenges and they were getting marked as incomplete after having been awarded. Fortunately I didn’t get this on any ET challenges so I could recomplete them. Here’s an old thread on the loss of challenge issue: I lost some of my progress.


Ah man that sucks . Tried looking there but all it said was ET wasnt available. Should i PM that dev(?) from old thread or wait till support responds?


Must be a weird change they made in the recent patch. Previously you could always go back and look at the leaderboards or rewatch the briefing.


It has changed. Strange…

@Travis_IOI @Clemens_IOI @matte_ioi
(Tagging the ones who have been active in the most recent time)

Hello guys. We can no longer view the briefing or the leaderboard of an old Elusive Target in the Career > Elusive Target tabs.

This was changed with the latest update.
If this was intentional please bring it back to how it was so we can view the briefings and our score.
Thank you and keep up the great work!


@Travis_IOI @Clemens_IOI
So leaderboards are up now and i have 4 stars…which is still wierd i know i had 5 when i did it. I have 4 on score because there is 0 on no bodies found.
Which is bullshit . Only body found was white hat unconcious( had to do that since on many tries black hat never touched his jam once it was poisoned btw) and that was by black hat whom i killed after he saw his knocked out buddy.
And if i remember correctly killing target who witnessed crime should nullify that(he didnt report it i killed him instantly). And i hid everyone except one guy in containers inside target room, except one guy who i left hidden on ground there in that room.


I love my PS2. I can buy a game and then it never changes.

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@Hitsuman Up until the recent update, bodies being found would negate SA, even if it was found by a target.


I posted a comment about this a couple of weeks ago and all that happened was @doom-generation took the piss out of it.

Here I am, brain the size of a planet . . .

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Erm what? Can you link to that because I don’t remember.


I put a thread in called “Final Score” which stated that the final scores had been removed from the ET bit of “Career”, been replaced with a statement that old ETs could not be restarted or something, but it meant finding out a final score wasn’t possible. You then put in a “yes or no” poll about the silliest (or saddest or something) poll of the last five minutes when the only new topics had been two I put in.

The other thread was one about capitals in mission names. I think all capitals looks silly.

It’s not as if either is a major issue and you did say “we love you really” in the poll, which was nice.

I’m really not upset by any of this but did note that apparently when @Ibbe040 wrote exactly the same thing IOI changed it.

Thus the Marvin reference, no-one ever listens to me . . .


Pretty sure I read somewhere that ETs were not going to be hackable anymore; i.e., no more restarts by pulling the n/w cable trick or replaying previous ones. Something to do with that perhaps, with this latest update?


The ability to check scores is back again now in the Career tab. I believe the ethernet cable thing still works - think I read it somewhere after the last update but cannot say with any certainty that is the case.


I remember now.

I thought the Final Score thread was silly because it could have just gone in the bug report thread, rather than being its own. That said, it wasn’t my intention to belittle the issue you raised.

The one about capitals in mission names (which I agree with you on, btw), I admit wouldn’t have fit in the bug report thread and so did deserve its own, so I therefore apologise.

No offence was intended.


Oh, no, don’t worry mate, it’s fine.


Mate, I’m British. This has ruined my entire evening :joy:


I didn’t put it in “bugs” as it looked like a decision to do it. I realised at the time it was a bit . . . nerdy for want of a better way of putting it.

Worse things happen at sea. And in our Houses of Parliament.

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