Samurai Jack Season 5


Anyone fan of the old show?
Here comes a new and Final season by the same people behind the old show, just on adult swim now instead of cartoon network. so more for an older audience…
Here is the first full trailer.


I’m outrageously pumped. It looks fantastic. Can’t wait man. Can’t fucking wait.


Saw every episode as a kid. About time we got a premier date.


I can tell from your avatar… hehe


Yep pretty much hyped for it.


I use to like a lot Samurai Jack when I was a kid. I think its time to watch all the episodes I didn’t see.
But why is he using guns? I was last that he only used his traditional sandals and only the sword.


The idea is that he’s been corrupted; that all that time wondering the earth has changed him. He’s become part of the landscape… Not the fish out of water anymore. Plus, that gave the art team a chance to put him in Samurai armor. The truth? I think they’re just doing the antihero thing everyone does nowadays… Which sucks a bit because Jack was so obviously the kindhearted, pure and unflinching hero.


Jack’s always been pragmatic.

Then there was also that time when he went full ninja to fight another ninja…

At least that time, he won…


Anti hero you say? I’m going to download all the season one of these days. I remember when I was kid I once saw the Spawn animated series on HBO.
I remember my dad saw with me on an episode that there was a sex scene. I remember it was Spawn wife with her new boyfriend from the police if I’m not mistaken. Any way, my dad saw there was sex scenes involved so I didn’t have permission any more to watch it. :frowning:


When parenting gets in the way of quality animation…


Well, I think I was 8 or something


When good parenting etc…

Then again, my dad and I used to spend our nights in an RV watching Shogun Asssssin, so I dunno.


Sneak Peak guys:


Really great use of samurai visual history to show Jacks state of mind. So fucking excited.


Really exited for this.
Its almost here…


Here is the final promo.
Was leaked some time ago but now in good quality.


I can’t wait!

This is so awesome! I used to watch this when I was a kid on Cartoon Network… Seeing the continuation as an adult, especially on Adult Swim will put it in the PERFECT perspective for me as a viewer. A grittier Jack, a grittier story and set of boundaries they can cross being on Adult Swim and not Cartoon Network…



Wow is that really the Scotsman!.. I am glad hes back! :ok_hand:


Now all we need is the return of Da Samurai and my life is complete.


Don’t call me bad, call me Badder…