Samurai Jack Season 5


It wasn’t an Emmy. But it were two awards one is the “Annie Award” and other is “OIAF Award” for episode “Jack and the Blind Archers”


My favorite is the ninja fight but the Zombie fight is a close second.


Just thought I’d share, not to derail the fight scene groove we got going on, but I was rewatching the X9 episode and got some serious flashbacks to Hitman 2.


Tale of x9 is also very original in its point of view, not all bad guys are bad, just trying not to be beaten by Aku themselfs, here almost making it look like Jack is the bad guy by ending him…


I almost thought that, too, but Jack did feel bad after he cut X9 down. The real tragedy is, X9 never got a chance to explain things to him. Lulu, sweet thing, ended up being just a name to Jack; an unsung casualty of his one-man war against Aku, and he’ll never even know. I almost teared up watching this again.


Here is a video I just made compairing 2 scenes from two of my favorite cartoon/anime.
Both samurai figthing robots and bike scenes are very much alike…


I was hyped for afro samurai. Was even excited by the trailer and everything. but never got to watch it. Cuz 2008 onwards i watched very less TV, Plus the shows also got shittier.


Have the second episode ready. Will look as fast as possible… looking foreward to it…


Congrats @KrugerSchmidts you have the 47th comment on my topic… tnx for all the replies… love having fellow Hitman and Jack fans…


I just started to watch the first season. Din’t remember it that way


It is already pretty brutal to be on CN. And o so original from old japan in the first episode to “fifth element” like futuristic citys in the second. You will enjoy it from episode1 to the new ones from the new season…


I just finished the one where he helped the dogs. I was just thinking during the scenes where he was covered in oil that its quite brutal


That oil doed indeed represent blood… love it. There is also one coulpe episodes later (supermild spoiler) where some lady called Ikra cuts herself out off a sandsnake and guts hang out of it…
Clicked true second episode from s05 to check quality (did not watch completely yet weekend is family time) but holy crap what an amount of blood…


Watched episode 2. Shit has never gotten so real so fast in this series. I’m legit scared for Jack now.

Good to see Aku’s still Aku, though. Anyone else notice how he doesn’t seem to know that the Daughters of Aku exist, or how dangerous they are, even?


The new Aku voice actor gave it a decent effort… But to me the difference is pretty jarring. Otherwise? Amazing episode (even the Aku scene was excellent if it weren’t for a distinct lack of Mako).


Watched it this morning. Probably an old question but never did it before, how to I spoilertag words/sentences? Want to know how to do this before telling my toughts on it. Tnx…


At the beginning of what you want to say put [spoiler] and then at the end do the same but with a / before the word but still in the brackets like this > [/ spoiler] but without the space.


Tnx. Will try after work…


Really loved that second episode, much more brutal then that first one, not better just differently but same amount of cool. it had such difference from beginning to end. beginining with those cartoony mudmonters and doctors and aku dressed up and all to that extreme brutal and bloody ending. Looking foreward now to the 3rd one, must be as good is it is now until the very end and it will be one of the best things out there…


and that music when the daughters searh for Jack in that thomb…