Sanguine magazine


Just like the “POPQURN” Magazine thread, I thought it would be nice to have a “Sanguine” Magazine. Definitely a lot of potential with this one. @Bending_Cheese67

Could really get into depth with this one.

  • Interview with Viktor Novikov

  • Interview with fashion designer Sebastian Sato (plus his speech)

  • Interview with Margolis and Sanguines Fashion models.

  • Rumors with St. Claire

  • Screenshots from inside the Fashion Show.

  • Helmut Kruger interview

  • Interview with crazed Helmut Kruger Fan: Jason Portman!

  • IAGO Auction stories / rumors / interviews
    Possibilities are endless with this one guys! Let’s really get creative with this and really try to bring Sanguine to life!

The ultimate “Power Couple”


What is this? A project?


Indeed! :hugs:

But, for EVERYONE! I will work on my own “issue” if you will… and I hope others will get in on this as well. All magazines need more than one issue lol

Let’s get creative guys! I know with all our brilliant minds we can come up with great ones. Let’s make Sanguine come alive!


I might want to do the St. Claire piece ala “Gossip Girl”… and possibly the Helmut Kruger interview in kind of ironic tone about poisons and double lives, and his intent to “get out and do something else”.

Is this meant to work in-fiction, or is it meant to be done for laughs?


Maybe underwear…? :joy:

A little of both…
But really it’s up to the person working on it. I thought people could write articles in their own way, while keeping some (or hinting at) actual events from the game. Conversations, opportunities etc. things like that. Plus, putting a funny little Easter egg or adding humor of your own certainly wouldn’t hurt. Just have fun with it :wink:


Some more screenshots for the magazine

Interview with Former Super Model Dalia Margolis!


Viktor Novikov (Mob Connections) Are the rumors true?


Hey @Soupienza I was planning on getting the magazine started. I was just replaying Paris to gather some needed info. Are you still willing to do the Helmut Kruger & St. Claire type Interviews? I also had a few ideas for Jason Portman lol

With the “Interview” (as I explained in the op) I wanted to try and add some things mentioned in the game by the characters or other important NPC’s to make it “canon” and/or add Easter eggs, if you will lol just kind of to help make it flow or sort of like a continuing storyline (if that makes sense) but most importantly I just thought we could have fun with it ya know…


Hi. Unfortunately some things came up so I don’t think I’ll be able to join on this one. Good luck with it though. :slight_smile:


that feel, when you recognize your screenshots from thousand of them :smiley:


Here it is @H_I_T_M_A_N_Statue_F hopefully you take interest with this thread. I could really use your artistic talents for sure! :smiley:

(Please take a moment to look in the O.P. & post #'s 5, 6 to see where I’m trying to go with this :wink:)


Dude Thank you for showing me this. Im really interested in this. I have actuelly been fascinated by the Sanguine and have some pic/ideas. :smiley::smiley:

As 47 would say: “hm-m, always interested”


Here is the first page of the first issue:
(Im planing on making around 3 issues)


PS: The will might be some small changes later on


You’re welcome! I’m very glad that you’re interested. I thought this might be right up your alley :blush:

But that cover looks amazing, man! Looks totally legit. I knew you wouldn’t disappoint! Three issues sound great. This really does have the potential to be a pretty thick magazine. There is so much that can be done with Paris!


Thank you!! I wanted to do something with Paris/Sanguine so YES this is sooo going to be a big magazine. Im thinking the first issue is about the fashion/clothes :blush: But yes there is a lot of potential!


Please leaves me some ideas if you have any. It could be something small like an easter egg you want in the magazine or maybe an idea for an article. It would be cool if it you guys felt more involved in this BIG awesome project :grinning:


Here is the real issue #1. Dont worry the otherone above is going to be Issue #2


Haha the “reviews” you quoted on the lower right lol nice touch! Love the cover!


I know it isn’t much, but here are a few pictures.

IMG_4130 IMG_4177 IMG_4189






Im glad you noticed :smile: you deserve to be in this awesome magazine. Afterall you came up with this idea. Keep and eye out for more!

And thank you for very VERY good pictures. This will help me a lot!