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I have to go to work very soon, but later tonight I will hopefully try to get the conversations in game of Sato’s speech on stage, along with a few others. In the mean time, maybe you can get the whole conversation with the news lady in front of the fountain in the beginning of the level (for the “introduction” of the magazine) :grin:


Consider it done.

Also made the first page (which is an add):


Wow, that is beautiful man! I love how you mentiond Miss Mookaji from Bangkok. You have an eye for detail that’s beyond words lol I’m glad to have your help with this project. I love your creativity, man! :smiley:


Thank you!! There will be a lot of these small details. I am really honored to be making this. Thank you for your kind words my friend :blush:


No problem man! I can’t wait to see what else you come up with. I’m very happy that you take as much interest in this as I do! Keep it up buddy! :+1:

I’m heading into work now as we speak, I’ll see what I can dig up later. Good luck! I’ll check in later.


Thanks dude! hope you have a great day btw :slight_smile:

I am in love with Hitman and making these types of things. Especially when people are just as interested in to whats going on :smiley:


Dudez, I hope you love reading long interviews :wink::grin:


Ohhh I do!! Can’t wait to read it!! May I ask who the interview is with? (Viktor, Sato, or St. Claire?)

(Also Happy Birthday man!) :balloon::tada:


As you may have noticed, I added photos of the first Elusive Target (Sergei Larin) here is Howard Moxon (another Elusive Target that is mentioned in Larin’s bio.) along with the “Ivory White” thought it could be made into an interesting story for the magazine :wink:


Uuhh I can wait to share what I’ve got!!! The interview is with Sato. It’s really long, and it will take some time to put together. But will post page 3 and 4 tomorrow!

Also thank you for posting some awesome pic/ideas and for the birthday wish :blush:



Haha alright, no problem man. Can’t wait to read everything. I’ll still try to get that Sato speech done for you later.


Had another cool idea for a story / interview


CAT-walk Fight! The rivalry everyone is talking about!
IMG_1213 IMG_1215 IMG_1217


Fan Mail by Helmut Kruger’s # 1 Fan; Jason Portman



Hey man, I apologize for the late reply but I got the conversation from the very beginning of the level (for the introduction of this magazine)

The following is EXACTLY how it’s shown in game, so all you have to do is “copy & paste”

I got Sato’s as well. I’ll upload it when I have time.

"I’m standing outside Palais de Walewska, hosting the Sanguine fall fashion show. This impressive structure is a perfect metaphor for Sanguine owner Viktor Novikov’s business philosophy, “make it big, bold and impossible to ignore.” and with newly appointed head designer, Sebastian Sato, at the helm, tonight’s show should prove no exception.

Sato, who has been hailed as one of the boldest young designers of his generation, surprised the fashion world earlier this year when he accepted the position as head designer for Sanguine, a house usually associated more with continuity than innovation. Whether Sato, the archetypal left-field artist, and Novikov, the quintessential capitalist, are a match made in heaven or an unholy union remains to be seen. Either way, this evening has already had its fair share of surprises. Just a moment ago, I saw none other than Valerie St. Clair arriving! Now, to those out there who’ve been living under a rock for the past six years, St. Clair, legendary editor in chief of Showstopper Magazine, has long been one of the most vocal critics of Viktor Novikov’s quote-unquote “thuggish stranglehold on artistic integrity” and has defiantly boycotted Sanguine shows in the past. We will try to get a comment from St. Clair immediately after the show about this surprising change of heart. We’ll also be talking to legendary Israeli supermodel Dalia Margolis, whose relationship to the Sanguine CEO is yet another testimony to the fact that whatever Viktor Novikov wants, Viktor Novikov gets. This is Lindsey La Coeur, reporting live from the Sanguine fall fashion show.






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Ok so I really got to get to bed now lmao

But I have more to come! I’ll get that Sato speech to you (the one where he is on stage) as soon as I can. If you have a screenshot of Sato on stage that would be great!

I really want to get something going with St. Clair, soon! Possibly an interview…

Hopefully later today you have some goodies to share! :blush::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


You are so awesome thank you, this is coing to be amazing!!! :raised_hands::raised_hands:

Really like the Helmut idea, this will open up for some nice possibility!!

Here are page 3 and 4, enjoy:


I love that add, I have also printed that magazine out. do you have it in you HUGE collection too?


I will have a look at that, but I wont be able to visit Paris before tomorrow tho

Until then I am working on Sato interview:smile:


The magazine is really coming together nicely! And no haha I don’t have that magazine unfortunately in my HUGE collection :laughing:

But ok man, sounds good. I’ll work on some more conversations and look for some more screenshots I have.