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Another Elusive Target that could make for another nice story. Especially since he is targeting Sato.

Story by: Kieran Hudson

*"Hello Sanguine readers! My name is Kieran Hudson; a tabloid journalist. My social media & streaming news currently has 150 million unique followers. Numbers don’t lie, my friends! I been in the business for a while and I always find out the truth one way or another. Just ask ex-sitcom star; Jackie Carrington, haha. The story in which I exposed her on being “romantically” involved with the famous; Ken “The Brick” Morgan. The man responsible for suing her employer after the seventh season of her sitcom got canceled. Not to mention, getting her that role in the first place using bribes (Yeah… real professional there, Kenny boy!) Which later, Carrington described as; A destructive series of “rumors” HA! Yeah…Take that, Jackie! You washed up old has been.

Anywayyy… the real reason for my story… During my visit at the Sanguine show, I was hoping to get a chance to speak with Mr. Sebastian Sato, to discuss why he decided to work with Mr. Novikov, a man who I believe to be affiliated with the Russian mob. I wrote about Mr. Novikov many times in my tabloids, sharing a lot of evidence that proves my claims. Now, Sanguine readers, GET THIS…! I got thrown out of the palace, once I told Sato the nature of my visit (then received a black eye by one of the punk guards) I later successfully snuck my way back inside to take a few photos around the palace.

While I was investigating the palace, I overheard some conversations from partygoers, talking about a secret auction on the top floor. (Whatever that means.) I tried going upstairs to this “auction” but it was invite only. It was so heavily guarded at all the stairs that even I wasn’t able to sneak past them. Considering how well guarded it was, I have no doubt in my mind that something illegal was going on up there.

As I went outside near the palace gardens, I snuck past security and stumbled upon a “guest list” it had pretty many names on it such as, Prince Po, Andrea Martinez, Tobias Reaper and Liza McKenzie, along with several others. I was gonna snap a photo but I saw a guard coming but I remembered those names. Surly it was a guest list for this “private auction.”

I eventually encountered different guards that were stationed near extremely suspicious trucks outside. Even after my attempt to bribe them to take a look inside the trucks (which was a very handsome amount of money. More than they probably make in a week.) they refused. I don’t care what anybody says, they’re hiding something–something BIG! and I plan on getting to the bottom of it once and for all! I always do! Do you hear me, Mr. Novikov? Your days are numbered, my friend. Enjoy your party, mate!*

Selfie outside the palace haha

A photo I, Kieran Hudson got of Sebastian Sato, seconds before I was “thrown out.”
The “suspicious” trailers I was denied access to
PNG IMG_1291
IMG_1244 IMG_1243


Sato’s Stage Speech. (Again, this is how it is EXACTLY in game. So just copy and paste :wink:

"Thank you. You are too… really too kind. I have been told that these are my most accessible designs yet. But don’t let the bright colors and the classical cuts fool you. No, no, no, no. The themes I’m exploring here are perhaps my darkest yet. I have explored feelings of powerlessness. Duress. Coercion. The notion that free will is only an illusion, that we are all controlled by sinister forces cynically preying on our vices and weaknesses. But like these pleasant designs suggest, we put on a brave face, a mask of normality, to make us appear happy. Successful. And above all, in control. But deep down, who really is? Huh? Well, Thank You. And good night."


There is another stage speech that Viktor Novikov gives (if you get rid of Sato) I will post that one when I can :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you so much :blush: I have quoted this speech soo many times, so its nice to finally have it on print. But again this will be soo super useful. Thank you

Also I have never actuelly heard the speech Novikov says, so im really interested in that as well!

Until then here is a sneakpeek on the Sato interview (its a drawing I made of the red stage during the show):


Well truth be told, Viktor’s speech isn’t anything special but I will certainly still share it as soon as I can.

But wow, dude! That is a very good drawing! Amazing work, seriously! I can’t say it enough but I’m extremely happy to have your help with this! You should do more drawings, you have a lot of talent. :smiley:


The speech will still be cool to have, but yea looking forward to read.

Im also really blown away by the fact that we both love this. So really thank you too, you have no idea how awesome it is to finally meet someone that share the same love towards this creative way of exsporing a univers like HITMAN. And actually I have made a lots of drawings, will be happy to share :smiley::+1:


Seriously man, I feel the same way :grin: Looking forward to seeing more of your work in the magazine!


A few words from HEAD OF SECURITY; Scott Sarno. Always on duty!

This is Lindsey La Coeur. I was able to meet with Scott Sarno; head of security for Sanguine. He was on a very tight schedule and I was not able to ask him any questions, but this is what he had to say…

Hello my, dear. I have precisely 3 and a half minutes to spare, I’m very busy and have to keep an eye on my cameras here while I speak… So,for the readers of Sanguine Magazine, Hi, I’m Scott Sarno; Director of European Operations for CICADA PMC. Part of my duties are to oversee their highest-profile operations and then coordinate their activities across continental Europe.

One moment, miss La Coeur. -Sarno here. Report. You need to tighten up in the carpark. Your spacing is still bad. Make sure you sweep in twos. Anyone doesn’t check in, go to OPLAN three. (my apologies. So yes, as I was saying.)

I was extremely honored when Viktor Novikov hired me as his head of security for tonight’s Sanguine show. Me and him go way back, but I haven’t seen him for a couple years, so I was delighted when he called me up and hired me. However, I’m not entirely surprised considering my background.

Damn it! One second… Eyes on screens, men. Just checking in again. Make sure you swap out for five every 15. You’ll let someone slip through if you don’t take a break.

(I sincerely apologize Miss La Coeur. No more interruptions, you have my word. Just following protocol, of course you understand…Now, where was I? Oh, yes…!)

Thirty years ago, I was the leader of a six-man black ops unit operating north of Sarajevo. Now, I obviously can’t go into detail on what happened, as it is highly classified information. But rest assured, we were indeed successful on our mission and we were declared heros.

Speaking of my former team, I would like to give my friends all a quick shout-out before I wrap this up. First, Gary Lunn aka: “The Enforcer” He actually worked with me as a unit marksman back in the day. Recently, Gary has been on an extended contract with the Ether Corporation and is currently in Sapienza helping the famous Silvio Caruso on a secret project. Next is, Walter Menard aka: “The Extractor” he is going to be in Marrakesh in a few weeks, providing his services to an Army General, whose name I cannot give. Along with a Mr. Claus Hugo Strandberg. He is a veteran problem solver, so I’m sure both men will be extremely grateful for his services.

Up next, is John Stubbs aka: The Veteran. He is currently on holiday in Bangkok, staying at The Himmipan Hotel with his beautiful wife. I haven’t seen them since a Christmas party I had with them a few years back in the Hamptons, along with Gary and Walt. I hope he and his wife are having a wonderful time. Next, Patrick Morgan. I must admit he was one of the toughest members in our group. He is a freelancer now and I personally haven’t seen him in years. However, last I heard, he is supposedly somewhere in Colorado taking care of some urgent business. He was always tough as nails, so whatever he is up to, I’m sure he will no doubt come out successful. And finally, Taheji Koyama. He is currently in Hokkaido Japan at the Gama facility. I regret to inform, but he has recently been diagnosed with Elyen’s Syndrome, an extremely rare genetic disorder. Out of respect for him and his privacy, I would rather not go into further detail. He was a very close friend of mine and it brought me a heavy heart when I heard the news. I truly hope he pulls though and I plan on visiting him soon at the Gama hospital.

Also, I wanted to-- What!? ughh, figures…Lindsey, my dear, I apologize, I must be going. I have to go investigate some suspicious activity on sector 2 of the palace. Good day miss La Coeur!


Looking forward to make more and I will have a lot of time tomorrow so expect a couple of pages :grinning:


It’s great but I believe you should change the color scheme to a darker one or at least one that shares similar colors with the shots of the show. Something red and purple.


But the stage lights do turn red when Novikov or Sato enters the stage…


Yea a agree with you, but I thought that those 2 pages would represent the sketches that were made for the show/new collection + white fits well with Sanguine like we see in the sapienza shop.

But yes the colours of the ICE cellection will follow out through the 3 issues :smiley:


Both white and black as well as grey look pretty neutral, so they are just fine.


How is that supposed to contradict my reply?


Yee, but I do understand why you wanted to suggests more darker colours sence you haven’t seen all the pages that im working on. BUT there will be a lot more tomorrow tho :slightly_smiling_face:


It’s not. I’m just saying for what he wanted to use that photo for (the speeches) it is appropriate. If it were for something else I would definitely agree. But like he said, he is working on a lot more,so it’s best to wait and see everything before we make a concrete suggestion :slightly_smiling_face:


Im open to criticism so its all good :sunglasses::+1:


It was not a reply to the sketch post but to the page one with text.


Here is Viktor Novikov’s Stage Speech (again, exactly as in game. Just copy and paste!)

-Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Wasn’t that something? Sebastian Sato, everybody!
Now, I know what you’re thinking. “Get offstage, Viktor Novikov!” hahaha. Yes. Yes, quite right. Quite right. This is Sebastian’s big moment, and he should be the one up here, basking in all of your love. But you know what he said to me, friends? “Viktor,” he said. “I couldn’t have done this – this, my finest collection – without you. You should take the stage this evening.” Naturally, I refused, but Sebastian, he was adamant. “I mean it, Viktor,” he told me. “A fashion line is not just the effort of a single brilliant artist mind. I used to think so, but I was wrong. I see now that we must stop this cult of personality. That the entrepreneur and the artist are equals. That business and art are like heart and soul. Therefore, Viktor, my dear, dear friend, the stage is yours.” So, I proudly take the stage tonight, ladies and gentlemen, not in the name of Viktor Novikov, or Sebastian Sato or Sanguine. No. I dedicate this moment to the entire team who has made this line possible and to the spirit of creativity that brought us all together! Thank you. Thank you and enjoy the after-party! All drinks are on me! Thank you, ladies and gentlemen!"


Oh, my mistake then…