Sanguine magazine


Idea for an ad… (perhaps needs some of your special creativity! :wink:)

Jordan Cross’ "The Class"

Need Help? Call Dr. Oscar Lafayette at
1-800-whats-up-doc and book a session, today!

“Hello, I’m Dr. Lafayette. Chances are you’ve heard of me. I’m a highly skilled therapist that has helped thousands overcome their fears and addictions and continue to live long, happy and successful lives. Perhaps you heard of them?The famous Silvio Caruso, Jordan Cross and Sean Rose; just to name a few. I’ve helped them and I can help you too. Call me now!”

Rates starting at $1,500 per hour


**For medical and cosmetic use only. Manufactured by Torvik Research **
4854 Random Country Musterstreet 25 - 1589

“Really helped me though the pain. Wouldn’t of had such a painless recovery without Torvik!”
-Jason Portman


That is soo awesome! Cannot wait to put it in the magazine :hugs:

The add I also thought of today so glad we are on the same page :grinning:


Really? That’s awesome dude :joy: I added another (look above!)


@H_I_T_M_A_N_Statue_F I really like this ad just as is! Please add it in the magazine :smiley:
(Of course, if you want to add a little extra something that’s fine too.)

Legal Troubles?
Call: Ken “The Brick” Morgan
@ “Morgan, Yates & Cohn”
1-800-BIG BRICK LAW :balance_scale:

I never lost a case and I don’t plan on starting with YOU! Just look at Jordan Cross. I also represented (and won) corporate giants such as Ether, Hamsun Oil, Kronstadt Technologies and Haven Corporate Services. So call me RIGHT NOW and together, we will take back what is rightfully YOURS!

-Ken Morgan


L’Avventura Pictures proudly presents;

Dino Bosco is "The ICON"
In theaters THIS SUMMER
This film is not yet rated


A small article that can be added on “The Chef” Elusive Target for the Magazine. (Who was set in Paris)
Gabriel Santos will be the Head Chef during tonight’s Sanguine show!
Gabriel Santos is the Head Chef at tonight’s Sanguine show. He will be providing luxury catering for Viktor Novikov and Dalia Margolis and will have an entourage of social media producers and assistants around him at all times. Rumors have it that this “Celebrity Super Chef” was involved in two cases of physical assault with a bladed meat tenderizer on assistants, producers and staff in the past, during his show “Gabes Cooking.” However, no police reports were ever filed. Gabriel Santos’ Multiplatform Social Media Experience: Gabe’s Cooking, currently has a follower count of: 375.000 across all platforms. His related media tags are: #GabeBurn #DestroyedByGabe #GabesLaughingAtYou #BurnedInTheFace


Jonathan Smythe Aka: “The Sensation” will be hosting a private party at the Sanguine show. Don’t miss it!

This multi-platinum media sensation; Jonathan Smythe was believed to be the subject of an international manhunt, following his alleged involvement in a multiple homicide three years ago. He apparently fled prosecution but he still continues to release records. His most recent album released; titled “Traceless” had 50 million downloads within the first three months.

Jonathan Smythe maintains an extensive financial empire that has only been bolstered by the controversy. He will be hosting a private party within the palace grounds, during the Sanguine show. Anybody who is anybody will be there! Be sure not to miss it.


Holy moly dude ! these are perfekt :open_mouth: really love them! I will add these to the magazine for sure.

Will soon be able to post page 5 and 6


Alrighty, I have been working on the final pages of Issue #1 today: I am glad to present to you all the complete issue 1#

Sanguine Magazine Issue #1

(A side by side pic, just so you guys can see how its going to look like)

(Another side by side pic)

BTW this was super fun to make :grin: I will be working on issue #2, so stick around for more


That’s almost perfect. Great work! I’d only change the quotation marks color to the color of the text on the second page. Also, does the concept art in purple lighting have the left model’s head not visible? If not, I suggest tweaking something, so her head is visible. It would look better that way, in my opinion. It’s awesome nonetheless.


This looks great! You certainly must have been busy. I apologize for all my posts, one after the other lol but I’m off from work and was able to get a lot done. However, I work the next week straight so I’ll probably not be able to post as much but I certainly will do so when I can.

I’m the mean time, what I posted should give you a nice start. I was thinking something with St. Clair next, or do a Q&A with Helmut Kruger.

But I will definitely still keep in touch and contribute when I can. I hope you stick around for a while yet because this magazine is turning out wonderfully! Can’t wait to see more and excellent work, my friend.


Thank you really happy you like it :grinning: sadly the picture doesn’t show her face, but if I finde something helpful I’ll let you know :+1:


Thank you so much again :laughing: Bu really, I don’t mind you posting like you do, bc it’s just here we can share our thoughts. And you post whenever you can mate, there is absolutely no rush. I’m not going anywhere, scene I love the Hitman univers to death.


Thanks man good to hear!
Here is a little something to add

Keep your eye out for these two “Holiday Hoarders” at this years Christmas party, held at the Palais de Walewska




Awesome man, that’s really neat :ok_hand:


Thanks bud!
It’s the small things, ya know? Lol I’ll post more when I can. But just an FYI I updated some of my posts above. When you have time, take a moment to check it all out. If you have any ideas, throw them my way and I’ll see what I can do, and vice-versa :grin:


Sounds like a plan :wink:


I have just planed some of the sanguine magazine issue 2, and made the front page and page 2 :grinning:


Coming along very nicely my man! I was thinking we should have a Q&A with Helmut Kruger?

Lindsey La Coeur would ask the questions (some of her own, and some asked by “fans” that she would read off) then obviously, Kruger would answer them. What do you think??

I was also trying to come up with some stuff for Valerie… but judging from her in game conversations, she don’t want to “publicly” have it known that she’s plotting against Viktor (at least while she is at Sanguine) hence Lindsey saying “This surprising change of heart”

So I thought we could do an “interview” with her. Maybe Lindsey could ask her questions from “rumors” she heard by fans, (for example her trying to blackmail Viktor somehow to improve her magazine “Showstopper”) and we can somehow make St. Claire beat-around-the-bush? (Lie) lol saying how she respects Viktor? Or that she just thinks of them as just a “friendly rivalry” Idk I’m gonna need help with her man…

I’ll try to do something of my own, and hopefully you can too. Then maybe we can pick the best one or somehow combine them if possible.