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Viktor Novikov at the Sanguine fashion show was seen quite a few times enjoying his all time favorite drink. It is a rather obscure cocktail, but not to worry! For all you Sanguine readers out there, we have a real treat for you! Novikov was generous enough to share the recipe. So next time you host a party of your own, serve your guests up with a touch of class!


  • 2 fl oz Rum
  • 1 fl oz Vodka
  • 1 fl oz O.J.
  • Pinch of Salt
  • Pinch of Sugar

Don’t forget to stir proper before serving!


Sounds like a drink to die for


Sure thing ! I’ll take a look at it :smiley: But just want to say its at geat start/idea you come up with


Again another fantastic idea, man :blush:


Awesome work!
Maybe a way to connect with other missions, (subtly) and maybe even some jokes, like saying that Rocco is ‘embracing a bold new style’ :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Thanks a lot man! Let me know if you think of anything else is the mean time. :grinning:


Hey @H_I_T_M_A_N_Statue_F these shots below are actual in game interviews. One by Lindsey (after the Sanguine show he will go to her) and the other with the news truck. (The opportunity)

I won’t be able to get to my PS4 until tomorrow or the next day. So if you’d want to gather those in the mean time that would be excellent. If you can’t I will try sometime tomorrow or perhaps the next day


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Sadly im not on my PS4 until the end of this week, but really nice attention to detail :smile: Last time I was in paris I heard some woman say: “Afterparty a Sato*s hotel”, which I though I would add to the magazine. Kind off like and article or something :slightly_smiling_face:


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Hey @H_I_T_M_A_N_Statue_F just wanted to check in.

I just wanted to let you know that I have the other interviews with Viktor. I will try to upload them later when I have free time. I also edited the “Scott Sarno” article up above (post 48) so whenever you are ready to add it to the magazine :blush:


Awesome dude can’t wait to show you and the forum :grin:



Upon entering the Palais de Walewska, guests are introduced to this beautiful scenery. This is also where Viktor Novikov made his big entrance to the Sanguine show, by having a spotlight on him as he greeted partygoers while coming down the stairs.

Ladies and Gentlemen, this is where the magic happens. Here is a view of the backstage dressing rooms, where all of Sebastian Sato’s makeup artists could be seen doing what they do best. This is where all the Sanguine models get ready before entering the Catwalk.

After a brief inspection from Sebastian Sato, himself. This is where the Sanguine fashion models show off Sato’s ICE line to guests, as they strut down the catwalk for their 15 seconds of glorious fame!

Here you are looking at Palais de Walewska’s main lobby. After the Sanguine fashion show, this is where the majority of guests can be seen for the after party; socializing, enjoying music, eating sophisticated cuisines, and sipping the finest drinks made by Novikov’s top bartenders.

(These are all the screenshots I have of the inside of the palace. I would like to do a few more for “The Grand Tour” article, but can’t take screenshots as of now. If you could take a few, perhaps of the museum, the patio garden, kitchens, etc… that would be fantastic!!)
Preferably, screenshots without people in them, like the shots above! @H_I_T_M_A_N_Statue_F


Alright here are the last two interviews. First one with Lana Caprice and the second with Lindsey La Coeur
IMG_4186 IMG_4184

“Mr. Novikov! Thanks so much for taking time out to speak to me. You have no idea what this means.”

Viktor: “-Well, fashion journalism needs new blood, miss. New voices to rival old battle horses like… St. Clair.”

Lana Caprice: “-Oh, I totally agree, she is vicious. Now, everything’s set, Mr. Novikov. I’ll just check my phone to see if the live stream is working. Won’t take more than a sec, okay?”

“All set! Okay, thanks for waiting. Viktor Novikov. First of all, congratulations on a spectacular show.”

Viktor: “-Yes, Thank you, thank you so much. Yes well uh, I knew from the very start that I’d have to completely rethink how Sanguine operates in the, decade of… post-consumerism.”

Lana Caprice: “-Hmm. That’s interesting. Well we will get back to the business side of things, but first, I would like to ask about your design philosophy. No doubt a progressive fashion CEO such as yourself is passion-driven and guided by a strong artistic vision, am I right?”

Viktor: “-Oh, uh, err–yes. Yes, of course, naturally. Yes, uh I am–I am that.”

Lana Caprice: “-So Sato clearly uses fashion to make wry and timely political allegories about gender roles in modern society. Is that your calling as well, or are you more into the pure aesthetics?”

Viktor: “-I–uh, well, uh, I -let me put it this way; um… oh, oh damn. That’s, that’s my emergency phone. Awfully sorry miss, I am going to have to reschedule. Uh, next week, perhaps, um no later. I promise.”

Lana Caprice: “-Oh okay.”

Viktor: “-I will take your question into–careful consideration. Please, enjoy the rest of your evening.”

Lana Caprice: “-Great.”


“There! There he is! Viktor! Viktor Novikov, the man of the hour! First of all, let me just say congratulations on a spectacular show!”

Viktor: “-Yes, thank you, thank you, yes. Well, I knew from the very start that I’d have to completely rethink how Sanguine operates in the post-consumerist world of high fashion, and–”

Lindsey La Coeur: “-That’s fascinating! But tell me, is it true there’s bad blood between you and Sebastian Sato? The public needs to know!”

Viktor: “-Sebastian and I are like… two peas in a pod, we–”

Lindsey La Coeur: “-Uh, uh-huh. And what is this that we hear about the um, the super-exclusive “members only” club on the second floor? Is there any truth to the rumors that you and Dalia Margolis are hosting celebrity orgies?”

Viktor: “-Ah, good God, young lady, please! Seek help, you clearly need it… You won’t be having lunch in this town again.”


Again, nothing special, I know. But I figured I’d add it in anyway. Everything is exact, so once again just copy and paste.

I’ll add some more stuff when I can. Hope to hear back from you soon! :smiley:

In the mean time, I thought I would include this for an ad… it needs to be typed up. It’s a little bio of “The Class”


The drink for real professionals.

(A cereal brand that can be found throughout the game)


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The Ultimate Power Couple; Viktor Novikov & Dalia Margolis.

Viktor Novikov; a self made billionaire prospered in the post-USSR boom of capitalism, making his early fortunes in real estate. In his youth, he was actually once an amateur boxer. There were several rumors going around that he actually killed one of his opponents on accident, although there was never any proof of this. Many believe Novikov also had connections to the Russian Mob growing up. Eventually, Novikov took a nasty financial beating during the recession, he “allegedly” turned to more creative sources of income, which were rumored to include: Corporate espionage, extortion, insurance fraud, kidnapping and arson. While these allegations to maintain his ostentatious way of life were unfortunately pinned against him, Novikov was never actually found guilty for any of those supposed crimes. Nevertheless, five years ago in a surprising turn of events, he relocated to Paris where he met the love of his life, Dalia Margolis. Viktor then, eventually purchased Sanguine, one of Europe’s oldest and most prestigious couture brands.
The right face at the right time, Dalia Margolis became one of the most iconic fashion models of the previous decade. Beautiful and brilliant, at the peak of her career, she wisely chose to retire and launch her own model agency. According to an article found in a magazine called “Runway” which Margolis was featured in. Margolis’ father was an overzealous Israeli Army general who did not approve of his daughters chasing a fickle dream. She was disowned and had to fend for herself, which would explain her demeanor. Fashion can be tough… like, Army tough. Margolis went all the way to the top, and then just as her career was slowing down, she met Viktor Novikov. Nouveau-riche Russian with a “bad-boy” reputation, looking to turn over a new leaf. Dalia eventually persuaded Novikov into buying Sanguine, and she launched her own modeling agency.

To be Continued…


@AGENT4T7 THIS IS SO PERFECT!!! thank you a million times for these awesome Ideas/Articles :grinning::raised_hands:


No problem, man. I’m seriously having a great time doing this, so seriously, no worries at all! :grin:

I’m glad you enjoy it and I do plan on doing a bit more. Like I said, I’d really like to start a Helmut Kruger Q&A article and a St. Clair interview (but I’m at a loss with them :sweat_smile: I could really really use your help with them. I need another creative mind! Haha but I’ll still try to think of something for them.

I’m also running out of Paris screenshots. If it’s no trouble, please share some (for the “grand tour” article. Preferably without people, like the ones I posted above) please and thank you! Lol :blush:


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