Santa Fortuna BUG?

I have completed all the challenges of the Santa Fortuna mission! Only the mission discover Santa Fortuna I can’t get it! 36 uncovered seats of 56!
No uncovered icons are shown on the map!
Someone can help me?

It’s bugged. There is a bug report thread you can post in for bug related stuff where you’ll see multiple of the same post :+1:

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I have a particular street to “attempt” to finish the test.

  • prepare the transport with the paste

  • prepare the cocaïne machine

  • wake up the band, yet make the custom as Taïta

  • offer meat to Mijo (hippo) and hold on to check whether Delgado chooses to proceed onward or not.

  • finishing the tattoo (let 47 complete the activity independent from anyone else and witness what)

  • convey the letter

  • play with the band during the commemoration of the statue (I play the last tune, and see Delgado’s move)

  • and wrap up by the submarine, where I hold up Delgado’s guidelines.

With this street, in fact, there is no possibility to have issues with the various NPCs, yet this still here and just during similar occasions (randomly).

I began to do it in recrue, with no spare/no heap. What’s more, presently, I attempt it in ace, so there is no issue with the spare since spare is really pointless in both circumstance.

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