Santa Fortuna Love Story Contract

Just a random question.

Has anybody tried a contract where the objective is to kill Andrea Martinez and Hector Delgado? And can the contract be fulfilled by doing the Martinez-Hector Balcony double-kill?

I was just thinking that’s as close as we’re getting to a “Player-made Contract with a Mission Story appropriate for it”.

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If Hector’s kill registers as Falling, all you need to do is knock him down and throw him out of his bathroom window before delivering love letter yourself. If Hector’s kill registers as Any Method you can just shoot him and hide him in bathroom. But the contract like that should be possible.

Hector snorts cocaine if he sees Andrea die. I don’t think he consumes anything otherwise. So you could require a consumed poison kill on Hector to make the story play out.

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I thought he commits suicide? I honestly cannot see what he’s doing during the Balcony Kill and it never occurred to me to follow him afterwards.

I’m my play through he had a breakdown and started screaming. Then he went back to them mansion and took some coke. I killed him via poison, so I don’t know if he commits suicide afterwards. Make me feel kind of bad from him. Murdering them women he loves in front of him, resulting in him having a relapse and taking drugs again. Yes the game made me feel bad about the leader of a drug cartel. :sweat_smile:

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