Santa fortuna - reset of discovered areas


I was missing just a few areas to achieve the challenge but now it’s just 3 out of 56. And no spots for undiscovered areas on the map.
Anyone with similar issues?


All appearances everybody has this issue after recent update.
Somebody says that this challenge is more bugged now, cuz that counter does not count anything

I think this is the right moment for @Clemens_IOI and @Travis_IOI to be involved in this thread


Also the right moment for all of you to go to this thread and post there.


I’m having the same problem, I hope they’ll fix it soon.


Same problem here. I have it at least on Sapienza. Dont know how about other maps.


all maps where discover callenge wasn’t complete have this bug now.
Dev’s simply null progress in this challenges on all maps. But they forget to null maps locations as well.



I was at 52/56 locations on Santa Fortuna before the update a few days ago. My count was reset to 0, I found the 4 missing locations and my count is now 4/56 and I can’t unlock any of the previous locations.


Having troubles with the "Discover" challenges in @HITMAN 2?

We've just released a server-side change on PC (console coming soon) that should fix it. Simply complete a mission on that location and you should get the challenge. Let us know how it goes.

— IO Interactive (@IOInteractive) 1 марта 2019 г.

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