Sapienza Comparison Video

Hey there folks,

Over the past few weeks I’ve been working on a really exciting project that I wanted to share with you guys. It took me ages to glitch my ass inside villa Caruso on all the bonus missions, but it finally paid off. :relieved:

I hope you guys enjoy:


Great job, thanks. It would be a lot of work.


That was amazing! Good job! Also, how’s the A new life recreation in Far Cry 5 going? I’ve been pretty excited to see it! :+1:

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Well done man. I really enjoyed watching it.
I can only assume what hard work you have put into this video.
Great work.


Really cool, I enjoyed that video a lot. How did you manage to glitch into villa caruso?

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That was fun to watch thanks.

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How did you glitch inside villa Caruso on the bonus missions? Is there a specific way?

One of the ways is subduing Rocco around the corner of his apartment in a way that moves you into the mansion, but it’s very random on whether you’ll actually get in or not.

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Lazy shit’s finally useful for something

(In all seriousness, thanks! I’ll try it out!)

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Thanks guys, really appreciate the feedback! :+1:

I’m thinking of proceeding it soon. Don’t know if I find the time for it but I definitely want to finish it!


Did you shoot the balloon at ~4.40? You have to have shot the balloon. It should be criminal if you didn’t shoot the balloon. Tell me you shot the balloon.

The hippy is dancing to the tune at about 7 minutes! Did you mean to do that?

Great stuff!

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Dude this is amazing!!

Thank you for doing this :smile:

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Oh I shot it. Pretty hard too. :sunglasses:

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Can you tell us how you did that?

Great video dude, as usual :+1:

Thanks for those comparison videos!

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Subdue glitch.

I really can’t- and don’t want to record how you can do it, because it took me soooo many times and a lot of rage. Don’t wanna go through that torture again. This video might help you guys though:

(Best I could find)

I recommend the following spots to do this:

-The Icon: barrier against villa caruso gate wall next to the trampoline trigger
-Landslide: Rocco apartment/edge of villa caruso gate wall below Rocco apartment
-The Author: edge of villa caruso gate wall below Rocco apartment

If you get stuck inside a wall, try to run towards the mansion. It helps sometimes.

Good luck to all of you. :slight_smile: