Sapienza Master Sniper Challenge Pack (December 8th)

Coming this thursday:

First up this Thursday (December 8th) is the ‘Master Sniper’ Challenge Pack. We’ve created 5 new Sniping-related challenges for Sapienza and completing them all will unlock the ‘Jaeger 7 Covert’ Sniper Rifle and add it to your inventory. There’s a few hints below about how to complete each challenge - and the full details will arrive when the Challenge Pack is automatically added to the game later this week.

I must say I’m really excited for this although slightly disappointed that the unlock is another reskin. Oh well, at least it looks better than the regular Jaeger.


I’m really excited. After all some people have said that using sniper seem to be smoother than before.

I just wish they kept on improving the sniping mechanics in this game. They nailed it in Absolution imo.


At least is not blue


How many snipers are in the game? I only have one and it doesn’t have variable zoom which is disappointing.

The reward looks better than the base model and the Tiger variation. I just hope it has some improvement in terms of perks. A mix of Scout perk with Rate of Fire and Subsonic plus 2X zoom will make a valuable adquisition.


Im going to love this one​:joy::+1:

I will finally get use my WA2000, I usually snipe ETs but now I have to do SA. Can’t wait to play this.

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Sniper Challenge Pack? In Sapienza? One second…

Thanks IOI, you just made my day.


:_: or sniper challenge


There are 4 (5 soon) snipers. Jaeger 7, Jaeger 7 Lancer, Jaeger 7 Tiger, Sieger 300 and the upcoming Jaeger 7 covert.

Do any of them have variable zoom? Which one is the best?

Sieger 300
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The Jaeger Lancer has x2 zoom, but the best is the Sieger 300 that has x3 zoom + silencer


Sieger 300 has 3x zoom and silencer, and Lancer has 2x zoom, no silencer and body penetration. The Sieger is generally considered the best and it’s the final Hokkaido unlock.

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I really hope they’ll improve shopping. If not, this whole challenge pack will be just a waste of time and a huge frustration.

I haven’t even mastered Paris yet, I could go master Hokkaido then come back but I really want to do them in order. I have played up until Bangkok but I have decided to go back and master each level before I move on.

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Have you tried quick-scoping with the Tiger sniper?
It works great!
If a contract calls for sniping up close I pick the Tiger. :ok_hand:

If it’s a suggestion coming from you, I don’t trust it @mungadungalis.

Just kidding :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::bear:. Still, I don’t like the Tiger. Why to have a Jaeger 7 with shaky pointing when you can just use the standard version?

I still want one in black :stuck_out_tongue: