Sapienza: World of Tomorrow - Screenshot thread

Human shield and briefcase in this map would have just been perfection, so many sniper spots wasted. We have a sniper with no zoom and a sniper with zoom but NO SILENCER apparently, I haven’t unlocked it and I’m not in a rush to either. I hope they add it in for the next map or hopefully maybe even before along with human shield that would be amazing.

By biggest concern so far is that this sniper is a little upgraded from the last one and its still purple colored. Why not letting them black at least. Ok, they are fantasie weapons because budget is tight. But why? why purple?

No idea why have it with no silencer and no option to add one, to me it’s useless as I don’t want every guard knowing where I am or the second I fire they know about it.

And lets not forget about the WA2000. Its the thing I want to most in this game. And also the original Silverballer. This one is just a colt 1911 with pachmayr grips with the logo on it.


Keep it screenshot-related, guys.

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20 characters.


20 characters.

@Bielak812 hah and nice screenshots

@Tobias_Rieper A very old deja vu, but a deju vu, nonetheless.

@Sharpy47DeadlyShadow That second screenshot reminds me of Absolution.

47!!! I have to tell you about the future!!!


This is more or less a screenshot


Every Screenshot from Sapienza is a potential Desktop Background image.
Even in the Bugs thread.

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Sapienza Swim Club is going good.
They’re going for who can hold their breath the longest.


Looks like they are having a great time down there if only 47 could get in on the action too. Unfortunately he is not aloud to enter pools or the sea Incase he gets his clothes wet and he didn’t pack his speedos.

Some great screenshots!! Can’t get enough of playing Sapienza, brilliant level!!

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If only he would’ve put some of his money towards swimming lessons.

What money? he gets points remember :wink:.

Not the prettiest screenshot but it was cool to find out what the detective was doing after his meeting with Francesca.


So I made some random pseudo-4K (3360×2100; 16:10) screenshots.

This is exta one image that is separate because it’s spoiler for “Let No Joyful Voice be Heard” achievement/trophy.

The ICA have been working on genetically modified super pigeons.

Really hope this guy becomes a trope, and we see him return every level. hidden somewhere.
inb4 he’s the main bad guy.