Sarajevo Six Contract [PS4] The Veteran


On this topic we will discuss about the Thailand Sarajevo Six Contract - The Veteran

This contract will only be available on PS4

Picture of the target :

Briefing video :


Probably staying on top floor with security, waiting to see the family lawyer then he gets shot by the player and done. Probably boring, his name suggests that he is the oldest of the Sarajevo Six. This target is just bland like the others. Serves no purpose. I don’t think there is anything to discuss here imo.

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It sounds a little boring, but I hope he only hangs out at his room and by the (possible) bar. He looks like a guy with no worries enjoying his retirement or something. Maybe he enjoys his vacation in Bangkok? I think this will be the most fun S6 target because of his look and the level :slight_smile:


let’s see if the vet is packin or lackin.


im really jealious of sarajevo crap. as steam user :frowning:


Go get a PS4 :blush:

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send me cash then! :smiley:


As a PS4 player, you are not missing out on a massive amount. Don’t get me wrong, they are fun, but they are about as much content as an elusive target (only they don’t go away.) I have only played them a handful of times.


It’s just like a player created contract but with a target with his own route and unique appearance.


If this target is well protected it could be fun :slight_smile:


it’s not that much my twin bro. and I think it’s much more fun to play on a comfort couch with remote control, try it you never go back! and i’m excited with any target/content coming in (and i’m not disappointed at all from the former ones as everybody else) give us more we are on fire!

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:heart: :bear: . I hope the tuxedo is also avaible to wear.


I actually forgot the Sarajevo six missions exist I think that says it all. Hopefully this one will be worth playing although I doubt they will have put much effort into it.


The target’s wife looks like a women in Sapienza on the beach

We can see a guard that we already have at the entrance of villa Caruso too…

Npc recycling ?


Video looks good.

Glad to see the environment. So I guess they set it up as to not expect him to be packing any heat. Since he is retired and since his wife don’t know nothing. It would be weird to see some old rich guy pull out a Desert Eagle and blow away the bald bell boy.

Would have been better if the wife knew what was up and acted as a extra security guard with a one shot melee kill. Instead they made her the dopey trophy wife. So if she see’s you kill her husband she can lunge at you for the one shot kill if you don’t take her down. LOL

Like this:


I disagree. I like how they tie into the main story


Same with another important NPC, like the Sheik, he ties in because he wants to buy the IAGO dossier of Margolis so she agrees and sets up the meeting. He technically ties in to the mission and story in a way, to take down providence. If they did tie into the main story then all platforms would have it don’t you think? It would not be fair if PS4 gets the whole story while Xbox One and PC get a huge gap if they can’t finish the story. It’s just a coincidence the target shows up at the location of your main target somehow.


It is unfair that PS4 gets them because they are enjoyable missions. That is a whole other issue.


I do own a PS4 for the record and I simply put it as the missions add extra hours of game time but it only feels like a custom contract.