Sarajevo Six in Hitman 3

Hi, dear forum users. I can’t find a place to complain, but I’m missing those little funny missions from H1. How do you think, is there any chances that we will see them again (and, maybe, on all platforms this time)?
Yes, someone may find them to be too shallow and quick when compared to the rest of the content, but it was a nice idea of a small storyline with more targets to deal with.

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Would like to see them back myself, nothing great but if the work is already done.

But Alas, I believe it will be tricky with contracts between IOI, Square Enix and Sony (Who likely funded that content). So for IOI, might be more expensive and time consuming sorting that out.


As far as I know there are no plans of IOI to put Sarajevo Six in HITMAN 2.
I believe Travis said that somewhere, way long back.
If I remember correctly he also said that this is a PlayStation exclusive and they have no plans to port it to the rest platforms.
And there weren’t any single word regarding Sarajevo Six for HITMAN 3.

So I guess there are no chances that we’ll see this campaign ever again.
But it should continue living within HITMAN 2016

I almost forgot about the Sarajevo Six because I don’t think I’ve touched Hitman 2016 since first importing the levels into Hitman 2. I do remember enjoying the targets, as brief as they were.

:pensive: It’s sad to hear. Otherwise, it would be great to have all content in one game.

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Unfortunately that ship set sail a long time ago, can almost guarantee they won’t return! We can treasure the memories though :sweat_smile: were good to play.

I’ve never played them as a PC guy, but my impression was IOI wrote off the idea of them ever appearing again. Probably a Sony contract issue.

I hope that all the content made since 2016 will be released in a single package, Sarajevo Six Extra Missions included :+1:


Yeah, there are some unlocks missing as well. For now they are only available via data transfer from Hitman 2. I hope this stuff will be back, especially Santa 47 (maybe some New Year escalations at the later date).


It’s PS4 HITMAN 2016 exclusive mission.
Will SONY agree with that? I don’t think so.

Sony would have no issues with it going into the PS4/PS5 builds of H3 - because why would they an issue?

My uninformed guess is that the Sarajevo Six (alongside the Wildcard ET) are considered to be promotional material that SE paid for and own (since they would’ve covered the marketing costs), so their inclusion would result in IO having to pay/negotiate a license to use them. And the effort and time involved wouldn’t be worth it.

At least this makes more sense than Sony not allowing it to be on their own platform, just inside different game.

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For the Wildcard the problem isn’t Sony but the right to use Gary Busey name and face in the game. They should pay. I think they could solve the problem changing name and face, and keeping the dialogues (they were funny). The same for The Undying and Sean Bean. For Sarajevo Six, I keep hoping that one day they will be free to bring it on Hitman 3. Keeping it as an exclusive don’t make any sense

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