Sarajevo Six on a new PS4


Hi Hitmans
When I bought HITMAN (Digital) in 2016, I got this Sarejevo Six an later Holliday Hoarders !!
Now I have new PlayStation 4 and i can not find it anymore when I downloaded it!!it is the same PSN account but just a new ps4 !!
Can I get it somehow ???
Thanks and sorry for bad spelling !!


Sarajevo Six isn’t in Hitman 2 at all. As for Holiday Hoarders, it’s believed it’ll release sometimes this month, but nothing official as far as I know.


Thank you for the answers


That’s strange cause I also got the first season on digital in 2016, and just recently upgraded to a 2tb HDD on PS4. I had to re-download the game again and the sarejevo six and hoilday hoarders did appear with the game. Not sure what you can do, maybe try uninstalling and reinstalling.