Sarajevo Six (Player Created Challenges)



Please share all your ideas for Challenges for others to try.


Scott Sarno "The Director" Challenges


:trophy:Fashion Icon

Assassinate The Director and Sebastian Sato at the same time, using The Iconator Proximity.

:trophy:Direct Hit!

Perform a headshot on The Director with the Tactical Bartoli 12G Shotgun. Do not get spotted or bodies found.

:trophy:Carcinogen Compound

Assassinate The Director by placing the Explosive Compound on the ground and let the target blow himself up after he drops his cigarette on the compound. NOTE: Do not select the Attic starting location.

Gary Lunn "The Enforcer" Challenges



:trophy:Double Trouble

Eliminate The Enforcer while wearing the Biolab Security disguise. Do not get spotted or bodies found.

Walter Menard "The Extractor" Challenges


:trophy:Drop off some Timber

While in your Suit, Assassinate The Extractor by Kicking the Toilet onto him. Do not get spotted.

:trophy:Clean Sweep

While disguised as a Janitor (Drag the Body) of The Extractor; from his office, to the bathroom. Do not get spotted or have bodies found. NOTE: Do not let go of the body once grabbed.

:trophy:FINISH HIM!!

While in your Suit. Assassinate The Extractor by first; Subduing him. Then, Eliminate him with a single shot to the head using any pistol. Do not get spotted or have any bodies found. NOTE: Do not subdue anyone but The Extractor.*

John Stubbs "The Veteran" Challenges


:trophy:Venom Runs Deep

While disguised as the Exterminator, assassinate The Veteran with a Lethal Poison Syringe. Do not get spotted.

Patrick Morgan "The Mercenary" Challenges

:trophy:Watch You Like a Hawk

Assassinate The Mercenary with a single headshot from the Barn Window; using the HWK21 Pistol.

:trophy:Operation Garden Gnome

Assassinate The Mercenary with a Lawnmower Explosion.

Taheji Koyama "The Controller" Challenges

:trophy:Keeping It Underwrapps

Before retrieving the Sigma Operation Files, first Assassinate The Controller by Snapping his neck, while disguised as Jason Portman.*

The Sarajevo Six - MEGA THREAD

Eye of the Tiger


Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells
Assassinate The Enforcer with the church bell while disguised as the street performer.

mendietinha’s revenge
Assassinate The Controller with a rubber duck.
No Bodies Found.

Oops, shouldn haven’t came closer
Assassinate The Extractor with a proximity explosive.
No Bodies Found.

Highway to Hell
Assassinate The Controller is a Fire Accident.


Hole In One
While disguised as Roberto Vargas (Golf Coach) eliminate The Enforcer by knocking him out with the Golf club, then the Exploding Golf Ball. Do not get spotted or have bodies found.


Awesome video dude and congrats on completing the challenge in such style. I love the professionalism you have displayed :sunglasses::+1:

That shot can be a bit tricky from the mountain, huh? (No zoom) lol


Yes just a bit lol, it’s been a while since I’ve used a Jaeger.


I just noticed…
How the hell would this even be possible!? :dizzy_face:

Quite the challenge, indeed! Lol


OP speedrunning tricks


Well good luck haha I’d like to see a video of that challenge.


You will m8! And it will be SA!


Looking forward to it! Not saying it’s impossible, mind you. Just that that challenge caught my eye lol



Eliminate The Controller by pushing him over a ledge while disguised as the helicopter pilot .

Target must be conscious Don’t get spotted.

Just a simple one, but i’ll try to think of some more.


Nice one man! I like it. Keep them coming!



While disguised as the Baseball player, smack The Controller in the back of the head with a Baseball Bat, causing him to fall off the ledge into the water.


These look fun, might give these a shot later. I appreciate how you have neatly ordered them like this with pictures for each challenge. :slight_smile:


Thanks man, I’m glad you like them, I hope you have fun when doing them. I’ll work on the rest when I have time. In the mean time, keep them ideas coming guys!


Splish, splash. I was taking a bath.
KICK the enforcer into the water while wearing the butler disguise.


Yellow Looks Good On You
Eliminate The Veteran with the (Yellow Duck) Proximity


Done long time ago. :smile:


Ah, I just love that route with The Veteran :grin: