Sarajevo Six (Player Created Challenges)


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Okay, here’s two challenges that would probably be challenging for speedrunning the whole Sarajevo Six with.

A Good Old Fashioned Mutiny

Kill all Sarajevo Six targets in a bodyguard disguise (in Bangkok, this is Morgan’s bodyguard, and in Colorado this is Militia Elite)

The Haunting

Kill all Sarajevo Six targets with different accidents (Fall, Falling Object, Explosion, Fire, Drowning and Electrocution)


Nice thinking man, I especially like the all different accidents.


How are you getting these awesome screenshots?
I guess you have grabbed a screenshot from a video but the planning of camera angles must have been hard since you cant save during these contracts?

Nice work anyhow! :slightly_smiling_face:



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Nah, not getting them from a video, just taking them in game :smile: All about timing lol

But thank you, I appreciate the compliment. Glad you like them. More to come in the future so feel free to share some of your ideas as well :slightly_smiling_face:


The Mercenary really likes to stand tall.

And gotta love that homing feature. I literally allowed this to happen for about 30 seconds.


Wood Beats Steal

  • Eliminate The Mercenary with an Old Axe.
  • Do not get spotted.


I have updated the OP with some challenges for The Sarajevo Six. Just click on 1 of the 6 targets names to see their individual challenges. I will update even more challenges in the future. In the mean time, keep the ideas coming guys!

Have Fun!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


More challenges:

Directed Sports

  • Eliminate The Controller while disguised as a Baseballer

First Class

  • Eliminate The Veteran in a Fall
  • Do it disguised as Recording Crew

Sixth Sense

  • Eliminate The Mercenary without being detected by his guards
  • Do it in your suit


  • Eliminate The Mercenary in a Fire Accident
  • Do it disguised as a Militia Cook

Order Up!

  • Eliminate The Veteran disguised as a Chef
  • Use a Knife or Cleaver to kill him
  • Do not get spotted

Couples are Trouble

  • Pacify John Stubbs’ wife
  • Eliminate John Stubbs in an accident
  • Hide both bodies without either being seen

Last Words

  • Listen to The Controller’s speech
  • Eliminate The Controller in an Accident
  • Do not get spotted

Broken Glass

  • Destroy The Enforcer’s Glass before he takes a drink
  • Eliminate The Enforcer with Poison

Ghost in my Suitcase

  • Pacify The Enforcer while disguised as a Butler
  • Eliminate The Enforcer with a Neck Snap
  • Do not get spotted

Crash in a Flash

  • Eliminate The Mercenary with the Battering Ram
  • The body must be found by a bodyguard


Halloween Shoot

  • Eliminate The Director with a sniper rifle
  • Do it disguised as a Vampire Magician
  • Do not get spotted
  • No bodies found


  • Eliminate The Mercenary with his own rifle

Gas Mask

  • Eliminate The Enforcer with the Biolab gas
  • Do it in a Hazmat Suit


Nice! I like the challenges you have created lately, keep it up man! :+1:


Thanks. I play on PC now, so it’s really hard to remember certain things the targets do to make interesting challenges out of.


Oh, I didn’t realize you were on PC.
Still, you’re really coming up with good challenges either way.


I used to be on PlayStation, but I saw the winter sale and I just said “Fuck it.”


Haha fair enough.

So yeah, I’ll be creating some more challenges of my own again in the future, as well as updating the OP with other people’s challenges so keep an eye out!

I’d love to see some videos of members doing some of these challenges. I’m very interested in seeing people’s take on them.


Drowned in Words

  • Listen to The Controller’s Speech
  • Eliminate The Controller in a Drowning Accident

Deadly Messenger (Based on my two Deadly Messenger contracts)

  • Eliminate The Veteran with a Letter Opener
  • Do it disguised as Hotel Staff


  • Eliminate The Veteran in a Fall Accident
  • Eliminate the target during his phone call
  • The body must be found

Player Created Challenges

The Haunting
Kill all Sarajevo Six targets with different accidents (Fall, Falling Object, Explosion, Fire, Drowning and Electrocution)

This was something that really caught my eye. I suggested to do all 6, but with all the same accident. But this idea was much better. The reason why is because you really need to assess which target will take what accident. While I was doing this, I must have changed a couple of them due to having such a really cool kill for others. So I ended up with this:

All original kills and/or original kill locations. And introducing a new electrocution mechanic I discovered.



That was amazing! I loved all the target kills, so glad you attempted this. And that new electrocution tactic with the big one changes so much! Now we can finally use all sinks for electrocution.


Truly an amazing video @D1NGdong :grinning:

Nicely done! I see you did a challenge of mine with The Extractor lol awesome! And The Big One with The Controller… Brilliant! :clap:

I’m glad you gave this challenge a go, was a fun video to watch Thank You for sharing!