Sarajevo Six (Player Created Challenges)


Thanks. This was a really fun idea to work on. Super challenging to get these runs to be as original as possible. I really liked how I used the merc’s homing effect against him. lol. And ya, the controller? I had to leave it for last. And I really love the timing of that toilet drop.

I have another spot for a no KO Fibe wire kill on the merc. I actually killed him with the masamune blade but I got spotted when I was dragging him away to hide in a bin. The wire will work best to save time to drag him away.
Hopefully I can get it again.


Yeah man the whole video was amazing, nicely done! And yes if you would be able to post that run sometime, that would be great I’d like to see it.

I’m glad about the Mercenary though, it’s so great to see new ways being discovered that weren’t noticed before. That contract is actually starting to become enjoyable now :smile:


The Result of Bad Training

  • Eliminate The Veteran in an Electrocution
  • The body must be found

No Mercy for The Merciless

  • Eliminate The Mercenary with the Fiberwire
  • Do not get spotted
  • No bodies found
  • Only kill the target
  • If you are recorded by a camera, delete or destroy the evidence
  • Do not trigger a lockdown or make anyone panic
  • No crimes noticed
  • Exit with all brought items


Walk The Plank

Eliminate The Enforcer by throwing a cannonball at him, causing him to fall into water.


Pin The Tail on The Donkey

Eliminate The Veteran by throwing The Janbiya Knife in the back of his head.

EDIT: I’m unable to check myself, currently. But just had a thought…

If it were to be possible to get “The Veteran” on the roof. Would it be possible to toss him over the rail and the cutscene appear before he falls through the atrium? (Like with Jordan Cross.)


The cutscene won’t happen since that’s a scripted event for Cross.



Yeah, you can’t push anyone over in that exact spot except Jordan.


:trophy:Flyin’ With Style

While disguised as a Stylist, eliminate The Director by (pulling) him over a ledge while hanging.


That’s easy! I’ll do it after I do @Bending_Cheese67’s Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells challenge for The Enforcer.


Good luck!

Some are meant to be easy, others not so much. The main goal is to try and have fun coming up with different challenges.

BTW: I updated the OP with even more challenges, check them out guys!


The Stringing Jingles
Assassinate The Enforcer with the Fiber Wire while disguised as the Street Performer.
Do Not Get Spotted.
No Bodies Found.
Silent Assassin.
Enjoy! (This is my first time seeing this thread) :slight_smile:
UPDATE: Here is the scoreboard of my take of “The Stringing Jingles”…


What is Quarteted supposed to mean?


k. well, in “the string quartet” the quartet refers to “four” parts (targets). string refers to the fiber wire.

also quart means four



Exactly my thoughts. There are not four targets, thus the name seems silly.


:trophy:Clean Sweep

While disguised as a Janitor (Drag The Body) of The Extractor; from his office, to the bathroom. Do not get spotted. Note: Do not let go of the body once grabbed.


Burning Lamps

  • Eliminate The Extractor in a Fire
  • Do it disguised as a Shopkeeper

That Wasn’t Part of The Script!

  • Disguise yourself as Tech Crew
  • Eliminate The Director in an Accident

He’s With Me

  • Disguise yourself as the Hospital Director
  • Escort The Controller through the main Hospital Entrance
  • Assassinate The Controller disguised as the Hospital Director

Player-Curated Featured Contracts (Who Do You Want Next?)

Once more…

I have updated the OP with more challenges. Some by me, some I added that others have suggested. Either way, please take a few minutes to scroll through them. They are all organized for your convenience. I hope you all enjoy!

I haven’t seen many people try the challenges like I hoped. So I’m gonna hold off on adding new ones for a while. I may pick it up again if people request more. But until then, enjoy what is listed above and feel free to come up with more challenges in the future. Regardless, I had fun doing this.



I will get back to some of these soon.



  • Eliminate The Director with an explosive-rigged camera

Ride Through Hell

  • Eliminate The Controller while disguised as a Motorcyclist

It Was All Just a Flash

  • Eliminate The Controller while disguised as a Ninja

US Celsius

  • Eliminate The Mercenary in a Fire

Diving in Wishes

  • Eliminate The Enforcer by pushing him into the Well

A Brutal Haircut

  • Eliminate The Enforcer with Scissors while disguised as the Store Clerk

Scanning the Perimeter

  • Eliminate The Mercenary with a Sniper Rifle
  • The target must be killed outside the military walls

Autumn Pentagon

  • Eliminate The Veteran in 5 different Falling Accidents

Pest Patrol

  • Eliminate The Veteran while disguised as an Exterminator

Gardening Metal

  • Obtain a crowbar from a Gardener
  • Pacify The Controller with the Crowbar while disguised as a Gardener

Quick Extraction

  • Eliminate The Extractor with a Lethal Syringe

It’s Getting Hot in Here

  • Eliminate The Controller in the Sauna

Yuki’s Special Guest

  • Eliminate The Controller by Drowning him
  • The target must be eliminated in Yuki Yamazaki’s suite
  • Do it in your suit
  • The body must be found

Wish Denied

  • Eliminate The Extractor by pushing him in a Well

Spoiler for the Gardening Metal challenge:

The only crowbar you can obtain from a gardener is near the garage entrance by the spa area. One of the two gardeners in the snowy area has a crowbar on him. You can get it by pacifying or killing him.

Player-Curated Featured Contracts (Who Do You Want Next?)