Sarajevo Six (Player Created Challenges)




Haha, yeah I meant to type The Controller. I was on an Enforcer challenge spree.

EDIT: I fixed it now.


@AGENT4T7 I think these ones will be juicy.

Trees in the Desert

  • Eliminate The Extractor with the TAC-4 S/A Jungle

Smoking Has Consequences

  • Eliminate The Director with a Propane Tank explosion
  • The explosion must be caused from the target’s cigarette
  • Activate the fireworks within 5 seconds of the target’s termination

Straight To The Point

  • Eliminate The Controller with the Katana
  • Do not let the target say his speech
  • Do not get spotted

Locked down, Locked On

  • Eliminate The Mercenary with a Sniper Rifle
  • The target must be in lockdown when the assassination takes place
  • Do it in your suit

Walker Stalker

  • Eliminate The Veteran while disguised as the Stalker
  • Do not crouch or take cover during the mission

I’m Visiting a Dead Friend

  • Get The Enforcer to the Church Morgue
  • Eliminate The Enforcer while he is in the Church Morgue
  • Hide the body in a container located in the Church Morgue


:trophy: Don’t Wanna Hear "IT"

While in the Clown Suit, interrupt The Controller during his speech by hitting him with “A New Bat”


Bird Eye Shot

  • Eliminate The Director with a sniper rifle while wearing the Raven Suit.
  • The Director must be on the stage when eliminated.

The Fun’s Over

  • Eliminate The Controller with a rubber duck while disguised as Corky the Clown.
  • Escape on the motor bike.

Exit through the Entrance

  • Eliminate The Controller by pushing him over the ledge under the helipad.
  • Do it in 47’s signature suit.

Breeze in the Summer

  • Eliminate The Mercenary by drowning him disguised in the Winter Suit.
  • Do not get spotted.


So, uh… what happened to that video? I think I’d know how you would’ve done it, but if there was another way then OP COIN LURING, I would’ve been intrigued to watch it and find out how.


Totally forgot about it tbh


:trophy: DRAW!
While disguised in the Cowboy Suit, eliminate The Controller with the Striker without getting spotted or bodies found.

:trophy: I’m Calling You Out!

While disguised in the Cowboy Suit, eliminate The Director with The ICA Exploding Phone. Do not have bodies found.

:trophy: Hi-Ho-Lasso!

While disguised in the Cowboy Suit, eliminate both The Veteran and his wife with the Fiber Wire without getting spotted or bodies found.



  • Eliminate The Controller with the Striker while disguised as a Baseball Player
  • Do not knockout the target

A Loud Message

  • Knockout The Veteran with a Branson Microphone
  • Eliminate The Veteran with an explosive while disguised as Recording Crew


Eliminate all 6 Sarajevo Six members by drowning them in a toilet while disguised as the Clown. All with Silent Assassin ratings and all 6 completed in a combined time limit of 00:47:00 minutes or less.


I did the director already in suit.

The enforcer should be quite easy.

The extractor will be possible but a pita to move him with the fetch trick across the map to the cafe bathroom.

Already drowned the vet in suit.

I’m not quite sure if the merc can be drowned. I have an idea but not sure if it’s going to be successful.

The controller will be easiest as you don’t even need a toilet. But since you specifically said toilet, still easy.


Yeah, The Extractor will no doubt be the most annoying lol but still, the challenge in itself is for everyone as a whole not just one target.

Honestly, I never tried with him either. But I have no doubt in my mind that it CAN be done… somehow. We’ll figure it out I’m sure :wink:


I got him but I lost SA. I’ll get the video and show how he fucked it all up for me. You won’t believe what he did.

So doing all that wasted work, I ended up looking to the sky. :joy:


What… the… fuck??? Are you kidding me!? :rofl: Did he really fall into the water over there??? Lmao I was wondering where the hell he went haha

That was incredible man, really awesome! I can honestly say I never seen The Mercenary taken out like that. Brilliant.

However, you think you can somehow drown him in an actual toilet?


Ya he landed in the water. You can see the little splash. Haha. And ya, I totally had no idea where he went. It was total fluke that I turned back around to have the camera catch him fall from the sky.
At first, I never saw him come down. It was only after watching it a second time that I actually saw the body.

Here’s the first attempt I made that was more of what I wanted to do but I forgot to wait for the guard to turn behind the fence. So I lost SA on this one. But the one in the video suits the ICA “Space” program better. Haha.

Ya I did drown him but not SA. Here’s what happened. I was just testing it out to se if it’s possible. With enough KOs, I think it can be done. Heck, if I can drop the moose on the prisoner for SA/SO, I think I can do this. But this kill may take up the entire 47 mins. :rofl:

Npc now can’t decide which to puke in. Seems like neither is the option. Haha.