SASO The Fixer - Bugged for me

Just spent 36 minutes trying my hardest to get SASO for The Fixer (without using any guides) only to end up instantly losing it when trying to break up the croud by firing the 300Ghost from the rooftop overlooking the protest. I didn’t hit anyone - I even checked the recording. And nobody could have seen from that location (I took out the single female NPC on the roof prior). I know the bug regarding AI knowing where sniper fire came from regardless if it was suppressed or not but when IO said they’re done with season 2; no more patches/updates. So i figured this being perhaps the most common glitch… as well as most annoying when it occurs, I’m sure or was confident they woulda fixed this but I guess not? I also thought it only occurred when 47 is in a place the AI cannot get to since they can’t use ladders…

When half the guards on the map came to search the rooftop for logical no reason aside from a glitch, it counted 47 as being spotted but was never seen or discovered by anyone. I noticed the Glitch occurred 33 mins in the match (after already collecting the diamonds successfully). So i also noticed the target was walking out into the protest a moment after the guards returned so I said fuckit. Took the shot (headshot) but the score after the match proved I shouldn’t have lost SA. Wtf

Armed npcs knowing your location after a shot is not a bug. Your shot got a “bullet impact noticed”. If you would’ve moved away from the area, and even run past the same armed npcs then you would’ve been fine.
But staying at the same place will get you compromised.

Armed npcs running to your location happens when a bullet is noticed, when you shoot at an armed npc and when you kill an npc that’s beside an armed npc.

Some may find it annoying, others take advantage of it. Again, intended and not a bug. It’s been like this since H2016.

Here are some examples of armed npcs running to your location after a bullet noticed to see how the mechanic works