Save games don't work anymore !HELP!


Since last night I cannot load any of my save games from after 15-dec-2019 18:00. I can load every save game from before that time, but none from after (quickly tried it this morning to check again). When I choose to load a save game it loads to 100%, and then crashes to desktop. In Windows I can see it crashes with exception c0000005.

Considering save games are stored on the developer’s computers, where can I ask them to check the save files?

If Hitman 2 support team is reading this:
My Steam name is shbouwhuis with account nr 76561198018649889.
My first 3 manual save game slots contain saves that don’t work anymore. The 4th and further are older saves that I can still load.
So, it seems that there is a bug where I cannot create new (working) save games anymore.


Savefiles stored on your local device.
You can delete them if you want. Here is the guide how to do it.
You may try to make a backup copy of that saves, delete them using this guide and then restore backups.
There might some issue happened and that’s why you can’t load savefiles.
Sometimes this delete-restore circle helps. The point is that system gets empty and then eats this files as a fresh meal and perceives it right.
Go try and report any luck

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There also can be situation in which you saved some data before the game got updated.
After the update those data dissapeared from the game or got changed.
While loading a data that game don’t have anymore the compatibility conflict occurs and game doesn’t know how to handle all this and just closes.
If this is the case in your situation, there is nothing you can do except don’t use these saves (read delete them entirely)

I tried what your guide said.

  1. I went to the Steam settings, but I never had cloud saves on, so I left it off.
  2. I deleted the faulty save games from ‘E:\Games\Steam\userdata\58384161\863550\remote’
  3. I started Hitman 2, deleted the ‘corrupted’ save games, and stopped Hitman 2.
  4. I went to the Steam settings and turned on cloud saves.
  5. I started Hitman 2 and Steam warned me about the change in cloud saves. I clicked ok/accept.
  6. In the game the save games were still gone, so I loaded a working save game.
  7. I then immediately saved the game to a new slot.
  8. When I try to load the new save game, Hitman 2 crashes to desktop.

So, every save up to last afternoon 18:00 works, and no save game from after that time works anymore.
Can I upload the faulty save games so that someone or support can have a look at it? I’m really upset because I very recently bought the gold edition and would really like to play.

Here are my save games:
QuickSave 0, 1, and 2 fail. QuickSave 3 works.

My game doesn’t even see your savefiles.
I think this because every save file is locked to its own ID (Steam ID, HWID ID, whatever).

You saying you just bought Gold Edition, right?
And in Gold you can’t load your old savefiles that you made in other game version, right?

Maybe this is the issue. Maybe savefiles that made in Standard version won’t work in Siver and/or Gold version.

Have you bought Gold before or after that date/time you mentioned?

I think the only solution in your case is to clean the save folder completely and start over again.
Don’t worry, your unlocks, challenges and overall progress won’t hurt.
You can safely continue play the game on fresh, without any old saves

Now I am a sad/disappointed panda.