Save the Date: October 24

God I fucking hope it’s not Ubisoft like some have suggested…


Season 2 graphics will be worse than season 1 lol

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And it would be a rushed project with graphical downgrades and be riddled with bugs and glitches

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Dont worry Ubisoft logo is a bit different from the image :slight_smile:

Yes the new Ubisoft logo looks like a turd viewed from above, which is actually very true to their games in most cases.


And while we’re on the subject of wishing for Bonus Episodes…

Just want to share these Bonus episodes I did think up for:




And MARRAKESH (Winter Variant):

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I hope new content is a new mission (I’d appreciate also a reskinned map). And I would like a halloween themed one. The man in the image makes me think to a cult leader. In that case I see Colorado map perfect for the headquarter of the cult.
I don’t think airplane will be the set of a new mission. Too small place. I think that is part of a cutscene, maybe a link to upcoming season 2

You got anything planned?

I really don’t know what to expect here. A bonus mission or a full on new mission both seem like too big things to expect or ask for. On the other hand it’s pretty clear that this isn’t just another challenge pack.

Bonuses sort of feel like they’d just announce it. They didn’t have any real secrecy around it the first time around…

Not sure what a full new mission would be though. Remake? Prequel mission? Some kind of bridge to the second season?


Spider sense tells me it will be something like that. Also, I feel we will see a Season 2 sneak peek as a surprise after completing a level.

I feel the same way, i really have no idea what this could be to be honest. I do have my hopes that’s for sure. Especially because Travis says it’s brand new content and that the announcement will do all the talking for itself.

The fact that there are two pictures, the first one with the sun thing and the silhouette could easily just be artwork for all the October content. But the still picture of 47 in an airplane could easily be a cut-scene that’s connected to the storyline of this game.

In some ways i hope for a new mission in a new level and not just a bonus level in an exiting level, even though i think a bonus level inside one of the earlier maps are more likely. I do hope for something entirely fresh, but where this mission will take place could easily be a prologue to the ending of season 1 or another level in 47 early career that might fill some gaps between the released comics.

I don’t believe it will be an Elusive target, i don’t think IO would make that big number out of it. Well it would certainly disappoint me.

No… those are fan suggestions… I don’t work at IOI. lol. :stuck_out_tongue:

I mean are you going to write another level soon?

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Well… Let’s see… I have a Visual Novel in the works…an Art contest I’m joining… I’m also testing an Automatic Retoplogizer (which I think I will give failing marks to… to be honest)…Deathmatch Kaleidoscope is being submitted to some competitions.

I have Executive committee meeting coming up at the day job…

But…sure… I always have time for HITMAN… Do you have any requests? :slight_smile:
(I consider these mental exercises… so it’s OK.)

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Nope, just wanted to see if you were up to anything.

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Marrakech in winter? o_O What is the difference I cant understand. Ou please dont tell me you mean snow :smile:


Well… there are some “germs of ideas”. Again I liked writing these Bonus Episodes as an exploration of creative directions.

What I figured out is that, from a design standpoint, I really like more story and roleplaying missions that do not lend themselves to speedrunning.

All the four I’d written are meant to be “Story” missions and they are woven into unique security mechanics or unique objectives that should not be possible in ten seconds.

Some “germs of ideas” I’ve had are:

  1. A Bonus episode set in the Jasper Knight map where 47 is training an ICA assassin who is playing the role of Erich Soders. Knight and other NPC’s are still hostile to 47. Your job is to find and eliminate the pseudo Erich Soders. There’s some kind of twist… like you learn the real Soders is cheating and is coaching his protege… and other stuff. Like it was meant to embarass you.

  2. A Paris Bonus Level that actually involved the Museum operating on a normal day. You have to kill a guy who is planning to sell a counterfeit artifact to the museum. Opportunities include exposing the fraud and causing him to end up in jail.

  3. Sapienza. The town’s mayor (now ex mayor) lost during the election and has holed up in the Town Hall and taken hostages. Intriguing is this ex mayor’s vow to “tell the whole truth to the world”. 47 is tasked with eliminating the mayor for good by people who don’t want to be exposed.

But I won’t be doing these for a while yet. :slight_smile:

Whatever it is I just hope the rewards are also cool and not something crappy like an explosive Jack O’ Lantern that makes spooky music.


Well maybe just lighting changes at least. :slight_smile:

…anyone else feel like travis might be trolling us, and the announcement is actually a season 2 announcement or trailer? tells us not to think about season 2, then unexpectedly announces season 2, lol :yum: