Savegames to PS5


I’m a Hitman fan since the first game, IOI Interactive has done a marvelous job. I’ve read a topic that console users’ unlockables will transfer to next gen consoles from Hitman and Hitman 2. I own these two games via Steam, but decided to leave PC gaming and I am moving to PS5 for Hitman 3. What about the unlockables from the previous games? Will they transfer or not? It’s harsh to loose 300+ gaming hours…

The Progression will most likely between Current Gen to Next Gen Consoles. It won’t be between two totally different gaming platforms.


I don’t think that savegame structure is very different from all the platforms and since I’am a data analyst, it doesn’t sound as impossible. We will se if IOI loves it’s fans ir everything is about the $$$ :slight_smile:

Still not confirmed though

Apply to IOI and teach them how to move data from one server/platform to another. Till you do this, it’s almost 0 probability that progress transfer between platforms will be possible


So, you left PC Gaming because of the Epic Exclusivity?

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