Saving icon.. On screen constantly

Just started with the game again, all up to date but when in game play I have the “Saving Icon” in bottom right corner constantly! Is this a bug? and any way to solve the problem?


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Perhaps you can go to the option menu and turn it off? There should be options for HUD elements, where you can toggle on or off any UI thingy, including saving icon.

Thanks i’ll give that a try.

It’s a bug that has been around for months, at least on PS5. It will randomly glitch and never go away on its own until the mission is complete - but there is a “fix”.

If you pause the game while it’s stuck, it forces the game to remove it from the screen since the game has been designed so that the saving icon cannot be displayed while paused. You can immediately unpause the game and it will be gone… Until it gets stuck again later.

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That’s great info thanks Thrison.