Say something nice about HITMAN


Sometimes because of our passion for the game & wanting to make it the best it can be we get caught up in the negatives & the things we wish were changed about the game.
But I’ve created this thread so you can post one or two things you like about the game, things that the developers should be praised for. So show ioi some love & make them feel good about their work.
The rules are, no negative comments & just state the things you enjoy or like about the game & if you feel like tagging some of the developers to show your love, feel free :slight_smile:

Ok me first.

I love the level design & how beautiful the world ioi has created looks & how alive they feel.

I like how the game feels to play. The Controls(PS4) just feel right :slight_smile:
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The real thing I love about HITMAN is the i sands number of approaches to everything. Almost every other game forces you to a few select apporaches or one set path but HITMAN gives you complete freedom which allows for so much replayability and allows the levels to last far longer than any other level in any other game.


I’d like to thank the team responsible for Sapienza.

I read Kent’s overview of it over the weekend, and it reminded me of all the things I love about the game. There’s something about the level design, character development, and atmospherics on that map in particular that, for me, make it a bit of a masterpiece in modern gaming.


Oh I forgot, speaking of sapienza the scientist you get the dongle from in the morgue has a beautifully acted speech. Its filled with so much gravitas :slight_smile:


Truthfully, it’s the best game in the entire series and no previous entry gets anywhere close. I am desperate for season 2 to happen so we can play more of this game.


It’s been a while since I heard that; she’s not usually conscious/alive long enough in contracts for her to make it to the morgue. :laughing:

You’re right though; so many nice touches which add depth throughout the map.


Hitman is

I also liked Paris very much when Hitman alpha videos were released. It felt like this is what the hitman we all wanted to be like. I enjoyed Paris map a lot. But then with the launch of sapienza, I was just mind fucked.
With Paris IOI delievered what was expected by players out of hitman. And with Sapienza, IOI delievered unexpected. That is something. That is an achievement which is way bigger than just meeting expectations. Sapienza is a masterpiece. Beautiful. Perfect swiss cheese. Best story. Best targets. Best map. Best gameplay. Best opportunities.
Any other map falls short for adjectives when compared to sapienza. It is the finest quality craft. No other craft stands a chance.
Thank you @Travis_IOI, @Lasse_IOI
I want another sapienza.


I’d like to thank the team responsible for Paris. You really outdid yourselves with this map guys, best map in the series by a landslide, no other map comes even remotely close.




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I’ll preface by saying (as many of you know) I haven’t played it in over a year and only played up thru Sapienza. At first because I decided to wait for the full release, and then because I gave my XB1 to my son when he got his own place and I just haven’t bought a new console yet. Otherwise I would have picked it up again MONTHS ago. (sad face).

That said, from what I did play and from the posts I’ve read on here since then, I feel confident in saying this: the level size and design is AMAZING. Their approach, concept and intentions for the game are fantastic and with a few more tweaks and fixes to a couple major bugs, it will easily be the best game they’ve ever done. Also, I greatly appreciate that they truly listen to player feedback and try their best to implement things that the fan base would like to see. They sincerely seem to be just as invested in the fans as they are in they game they are creating. Hats off to a great team! Now send me an XB so I can start playing again.


Paris was always the best.No other map ever came close.Paris defines the art and it defines Paris.

HITMAN is imo the best game in the series,it has its flaws but what IO did with levels is amazing.
Sapienza is for me the best level in whole franchise,hope IO will bring even better stuff in season 2


I only got it recently after the prologue was made available as a demo, between money issues and some doubts over the model I didn’t get it last year. Honestly, though? It’s just so easy to overlook that when actually playing it.
HITMAN is easily one of the most addictive games I’ve played in years. I keep replaying levels, trying new ways to do things, or just messing around with contracts and escalations. It just feels great to play. And Sapienza might just be closing in to being my #1 top favorite level in the whole series, it it ain’t already.


featured contracts is one of my favorite things about this game. seeing as how it was absolution that introduced contracts mode, that game ain’t so bad after all. :slight_smile:


The scenery, music, sound effects, animations, story lines, are all very well done.
It has great replay value. Even if you conquer ever challenge, there is enough there in contract mode to
bring you back.


Piss off HMF in one sentence vol. 1


Thank you for releasing an improved Absolution. @IOStaff


Well. That is just your openion.


I’m really glad that 47s arms turned out to be the perfect length. I was really concerned there for awhile.