Say something nice about HITMAN


The game looks great. Especially maps like Bangkok and Sapienza.


The character models, and the amount of dialogue is very impressive. Even if I don’t like the way it sounds.


Short version: Best game ever.

Long version: Wow! Best game ever. :heart_eyes:


No negativity thanks :slight_smile:


Hitman 2016 is pure art. The levels are beautifully created and filled with so much details. Especially Sapienza is so huge and beautiful. The diversity of the levels makes it so interesting for me. It´s kind of traveling to where i want be now. Hokkaido or Colorado, or better Paris? I love all the details, references to older, other games, movies and people. Best and funniest NPC quotes ever.
For me it´s like walking through a museum full of art, people and possibilitys. And i can create my own masterpiece or play the masterpeice of others. Or just watch and listen to NPC quotes and their behavior. I can kill everyone when things don´t work and also can play it like a scientist who tries to test new ways, strategies, routes and time windows and challenge/share with other scientists.
The total freedom in creating contracts, the Sandbox-part to share and challenge with others makes this game a masterpiece for me. 1800h+ and still hooked. Thanks IOI


I agree with everything you said. Sometimes, you have to just walk around and soak it all in.


Totally agree with that, too. My first playthough of Sapienza took me a good few hours, mostly because I took it slow and just walked around the town listening to the conversations around the place and getting into every building to see what was in there. There’s just so much to each level, I love it.


Thought I’d bump this thread because everybody needs some love sometimes.

@Travis_IOI Pass my gratitude onto the team.
Thanks for all the hard work you’ve put into this game that I’ve been enjoying for nearly two years. You’ve outdone yourselves.
The road may sometimes be bumby but you’re doing your best to make it a smooth ride… Something, something analogy.

Hugs Travis & Hugs ioi :slight_smile:


The game should have won the game of the year award.


Something Nice


This game should REALLY have more rewards and attention by the people, I think that is one of the game ( the previous too except absolution) of the century, is really a lot of fun. The game make you think, is replayable in thousand of ways, you can play it with sensational plans, you can play it total stealth, you can play it doing a mass murder, you can play it witouth firing a single shot. Well I can continue but I think that you understood what I mean :stuck_out_tongue:


I really like the Art direction in this game. The environments are absolutely stunning to look at. Also 47s look is more refined . I feel like a Hitman stealthily sneaking about and murdering people.

Sapienza has to be my favourite Hitman level apart from A New Life. I’m really glad Bateson still voices 47 and you even put in 'I need to use the bathroom '.
I’ve easily spent 100+ hours playing this.


Extreme level of Detail and conversation, best game ever IMO


should’ve been : ‘‘Something nice about HITMAN’’


When I first played Hitman 2016, it gave me the same “WOW” factor that I first had when I bought the Hitman Trilogy for PS2 when I was younger. There was this sense of wonder and awe that Absolution never game me. Like those other games in the Hitman trilogy, Hitman 2016 made me feel like I was being transported into a new world with many opportunities in killing targets. It felt like I was playing a puzzle game that was not your traditional puzzle game. And I LOVE this game for that.


It’s a game built around the fans feedback that was made with a lot of attention to detail. It’s the HITMAN we deserve and it can only get better.


I’m a newcomer to this franchise. I knew I would enjoy HITMAN, but I never imagined myself playing 350+ hours and still having fun!

I love the classic Bond films and I think HITMAN strikes that perfect feeling of espionage and murder! I know not everyone agrees with that, but I’ve found it to be an absolute pleasure.


I love how casual friendly the series has become.

Back when I played the old games I could never do SA and SO was a fantasy-there are maps on the old games in which I never passed with anything more than Mass Murderer

But this new series is very helpful and user friendly where I feel the older games were not. (Besides Absolution)

Opportunities and Accessibility in HITMAN

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Something nice, ok, im not gonna put the game up on some kind of pedestal because i know the devs could have made the game into a master piece if they wanted to they have all the tools and formulas available to them.

The more i played HITMAN the more i felt the game was well made, almost like blood money, the missions were packaged very nicely for the most part (except Colorado and Marrakesh they had a bit of a randomness that most people didnt like) Hokkaido by far was the most creative of them all, from location setting to assassination methods it felt like it was by far the most creative and to me one of the best missions in the entire series. I hope S2 will continue to use Hokkaido as the formula in terms of creativity and level design and bring back core features of course and hopefully the devs finally call it a day and go for the master piece of the series without second guessing what hitman is or should be.

keep up the good IOI team, any improvement no matter how big or small still shows you care and HITMAN 2016 by far showed us how much you care about fans.