Say something nice about HITMAN


Visually, 2016 is alright. Uncanny valley(?)-ish.


I think when looking back at what we’ve got I’ve complained too much and too early about some things of the current game.

I remember back when Marrakesh was released I really didn’t like the level. It was the worst one of all we’ve got back then and didn’t feel as much fun as the rest. Now, 2 years later, I think Marrakesh is a very great level and it really set the tone well. For a level in Morocco, they nailed the setting and everything around it very well. The sandy-ish look, the markets and carpet sellers, the looks of the NPC’s and the shisha cafe are typical Morocco. It’s in my top 3 most favorite maps of Hitman Season One now. I don’t know why I hated it back then.

Same goes for The Icon bonus mission. It felt so small and easy to complete back when it was released, but playing it again today makes me fall in love with it. The lightning is very cool, and the whole setting with the big movie objects is really awesome. Not only the opportunities lead to awesome kills, but hiding in the closet in Bosco’s trailer and fiberwiring him when his back is turned feels classic. I hated this one back in the day but now I think it might be the best and most polished Sapienza bonus mission there is.

It’s easy to complain about stuff, but once you fall in love with it you see the real beauty of it. :slight_smile:


ugh, i hate this one and Landslide still today. The music in Landslide is awful and Bosco never shuts up. But A House built on Sand is a wonderful Mission, the whole mood of Marrakesh at night is just awesome, it feels like an all new Location to me.

i dont know how to describe it, but it feels so natural, just like a Main Mission from the Game!


I do agree about A House Built on Sand. It’s a way better look of Marrakesh than AGC has. It wouldn’t fit the setting of the main mission, but it does perfectly for the bonus mission.


Ugh, I thought I’m the only one who likes “The Icon”. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yeah I thought Icon was the weakest level in HITMAN,it’s really small and restricted in my eyes but there’s something I really love about Landslide’s atmosphere.

I always wanted a Hitman level at concert and I’m glad they used unused parts of WoT in it,the only thing I dislike about it is how hard it tries to parody Trump with Abiatti.
Patient’s Zero Sapienza mission is also very cool and different,one of my favorites in game.


how did it try to parody Trump? i never got that feeling :o


He’s right-wing politician who talks about giving Sapienza back to the Italians. A dialogue between to NPCs also mentions that he groped a women during a dinner. Then there’s the way he talks to the crowd. He’s not 100% Trump but you can see that he was an inspiration for Abiatti.


yeah, but that’s not “trying hard” to parody Trump. it’s just mocking the guy

  1. Location designs are best in the world.
  2. Game requires serious brain use.
  3. There are dozens of ways to accomplish the mission.
  4. Agent 47 is the world’s most handsome man
  5. Inventory system is better than old Hitman games
  6. NPC density is extremely high