Scary Bangkok bug


During the party opportunity, I lethal poisoned Jordan’s cake while he was venting to Dexy. When he was done, he took a bite. I slashed his throat with a kitchen knife at “Dad?”. He stood still. Standing. He was still holding his stomach. I opened the door, his friends didn’t react. I couldn’t throw my knife or slash him again. But he was not considered “eliminated” (no music, no white words turning grey) And he was bleeding onto the table. I shot him in the leg. Jordan fell, yelled, stood up and stood still. No further reaction. Shot him again and knocked him out. Let his body get found. He kept repeating “Arr, it’s perfect” until he keeled over from the poison.

EDIT: Tip. If you want a crew disguise, poison Jordan’s cake after he chases away his friends and let him die. Open the door and let Jordan’s body get found (it’s poison, practically an accident). One of his mates would rush in to check on their friend; close the door and subdue them. Take their clothes and hide them in the crate.


Is there a way you could somehow record this?


I don’t know how to. Try to replicate the circumstances yourself.