Since I have learned about Scientology, it is baffling my mind how such a cult is being allowed to operate till now. I mean they have money, lost of it, but how law enforcers have failed to take any action and how on earth they are given allowed to operate as a religion?
Why people like Tom Cruise and Travolta are it’s members? I mean Travolta looks kind of a dumb, so it makes sense. But I guess Tom Cruise is sane looking dumb. What are your thoughts and what bizzare info you god about this cult?

What do they do exactly? I heard about them long time ago.

That’s the point. I don’t know. I have seen lost of videos about it recently and nobody says what exactly they do. They sure take donations from wealthy people and it’s members but where that money go?

Anything Tom Cruise does I am fully supportive off

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I was making a little joke but ok :confused:

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I don’t trust any religion that has the Canary Islands and Hawaii as your “Sacred Lands”.

Scientologists believe that their spirit is an ancient power that has been jailed to this planet in a confused state. Scientology helps you at making this “Thetan” free again, making it remember past lives and in the highest form leave earth when the body dies.

All this comes with a 1000 year duty at their sea org and a price tag of 200k$+. :joy:

There are two kinds of worlds basically, one for the rich and influencing stars, which comes with no issues besides “spend money, visit events” and one for the poor which have to keep the system running and being abused for free. They force people to leave family and friends behind so they can go their “way of happiness” which makes it way harder to leave the cult. They basically have to pay or work for each bit of ideology.

South Park summarized the beliefs. I have to stress this is no satire.


One day I will too be rich enough to believe in all kind of stupid things.


This is the very definition of: seems legit.


No. Tom Cruise isn’t dumb. He’s crazy!

And I can recall, late 80’s I think, they’d have an infomercial late at night about their book; ‘Dianetics’. It was so funny. A guy would hand someone else the book, like it was in the old west (like Arthur and Dutch from RDR2), and the guy would just flip through the book and be like; “Amazing! I’ve never seen so many answers compiled into one book!” :joy:

Or something like that. It’s been so long and I shouldn’t trust my memory. I’ll have to see if any are uploaded to youtube.


You probably mean this:

This is actually intern propaganda that Scientologists had to pay for to see. Big surprise that additionally they also are not allowed to use the Internet. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Scientology is the belief that you are L Ron Hubbard and you want lots of money and shiny things. Hubbard knew religions in America are tax exempt. He tricked enough people and greased enough palms to have people follow him, give him money and not pay tax on it. Now others want in on that too.

Scientologists believe there are two kinds of beings: Vapid celebrities with lots of money and low self-esteem it is their destiny to give the Church extortionate amounts of money. The others are dirty plebs whose destiny it is to stand on street corners and outside famous landmarks offering “stress tests” and handing out pamphlets. If you do this and stay well away from a psychotherapist, ATM, taxation officer or journalist then you can become a higher being. Or you get beaten up and brainwashed.

There is also some gobbledegook he made up as an excuse for him to write off trips to the Hawaiian Islands as tax free. There is nonsense padding about alien spirits and soulcatchers like SHINRA or whatever.

I like Tom Cruise…

I like Tom Cruise too. I just hate his life choices.

Tom Cruise is a creepy controlling weirdo, who wouldn’t allow his ex/wives to wear heels :joy:

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None of Tom Cruise’s girlfriends are allowed to be taller than him. It makes him uncomfortable.

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i hate this


That middle tooth is where he keeps his ancient alien spirit.:joy: