Screen Grab - Movie Game


Very simple!
You just get a single screenshot from any scene from ANY movie and someone has to guess the title of the movie it’s from.

The person who gets it correct, then takes a screenshot of their own and so on.

Do not go out of turn!
Only post a screenshot, if you were the person that got the previous one correct.

I’ll start… What film is this from???

Remember… the person who gets the title of the film correct, will then have to post their own screenshot for others to guess.



The first punisher film


Very good, sir…

Your turn…



No love for the Dolph Lundgren version huh? :wink:


Yeah I was going to say, that’s actually the second Punisher film.


Eh, I actually didn’t care for the second Punisher… Without Thomas Jane it just didn’t feel the same. But that’s just my opinion…

@AF2007 I have no idea what film that’s from :sweat_smile:



It’s from Double Indemnity.

I generally don’t believe in guilty pleasures, but if I have any, the following is probably one of them:


Correct (twenty characters)


I just googled it. Not going to answer tho.

You did say any movie tho, if I can legitly win one round I’ll make sure to find one none of you guys can tell without cheating :imp:



ANY movie

And It can be a screenshot, taken at any time throughout the film.


I would suggest, however, that intentionally picking a movie you know noone will have seen (like if I chose an indie movie from Sweden or something) strikes me as sort of dull. It’s not like it’s a competition. It’s a game.


Ninja Assassin.

(20 characters)


It is indeed Ninja Assassin.

Your turn mike.


@Kent Exactly.

20 characters…


Maybe I am being a little awkward with this one. Two clues…

The film is Norwegian/Swedish.

There is a different film out in 2017 with the same title.


I knew that’s it when I saw it for the first time but I wasn’t sure. :smile:




Correct. :smiley:

(20 characters)