Screen Grab - Movie Game


Is it Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey?



“Best of seven?”
“Damn right!!”



Give me a few minutes and I’ll rustle something up and edit it into this post.


I don’t know what movie it is but these screenshots are intriguing, especially second one
I’m curious it is worth watching?


I think so. A great movie in my opinion.

Two more screens from the same movie:


The Following?



Ehrm. No. But I think you know what the movie is. :slight_smile:


A good friend of mine watched it, and told me to look it by myself. I saw the trailer. Thinking so hard right now. :sweat_smile:


It follows!



It follows. I’ll post something shortly.

Edit: @Mister_Rieper beat me in the nick of time!


I have to admit that this movie isn’t so popular :sweat_smile: I’ll give tips if no one has an idea.


Adam’s Apples. Watched it yesterday. :grin:


You are a true mads mikkelsen fan :smile:. I love this movie, and mads. Just awesome.


The name of this movie ? Come on, honor Bruce Lee, THE Master.


My first guess is…The Big Boss?


That’s it. You honored the movie. Good job.


This might be a tough one so I’ll put another one.


I doubt many have seen that, it’s Bringing Out the Dead from about twenty years ago (holy crap). It’s about two New York ambulance drivers.

Try this one. It’s new but fairly obscure.


I have not a clue but I’ll try and random guess - Diary of a Wimpy Kid?


Nah, I’ll post one more shot.