Screen Grab - Movie Game


OK, it’s The 9th Life of Louis Drax. :slight_smile:

My turn is up for grabs.



Is that the mccools movie?


yes, “One Night at McCool’s”, more precisely, funny movie
your turn


One of my favorites and funniest older movies. I gotta watch it again soon. Too damn funny.

Added second pic.


Bachelor Party? (20 characters)


Yup. Your turn. :grin::grin::grin:



Another favourite film of mine.


Isn’t that the movie that the youtuber Ashen made? I totally forgot the name of it. They are also making a second one.

Edit - Ashen and the quest for the Gamechild?


Your turn. (20 characters)


Here is movie that I’ve been wanting to see for a long time now. It’s on Netflix but I haven’t watched it yet.


Spotlight ! Oscar 2016.

My turn, what about this movie ?


taking wild guess - Valhalla Rising?


Bingo. Well done !



I’m drawing a complete blank, though it looks like something I wish I’d seen.


This flick is a dictionary definition of a “Gore movie” :slight_smile: , You will not be disappointed, it’s also very funny

I’m posting another set of screenshots


It’s “Braindead”… right?

It is.


it is :slight_smile:


OK, I’ll add another screen.