Screen Grab - Movie Game


Looks like “Street Kings”


Because it is.

Your turn.


This movie perfectly pictured how I imagine Trevor Philip’s family :smiley:


The Devils Rejects?



yes it is


I’ll be honest - I didn’t really like the movie.

My turn for is sale for the small price of your soul. :innocent:


cool, The Devil’s Rejects and Halloween are only movies from Rob Zombie that I liked


Nobody is posting? I’ll take it. :grimacing:


Dennis the Menace.
Oh, the '90s… when Hollywood made a whole slew of movies based on old TV shows.

Gonna forsake my usual obscure screenshot and post a pic with an actual movie star. :open_mouth:
Although, he’s not THE star… :wink:
…and not in it very long.
Hopefully this isn’t too hard.


That is American Graffiti :+1:


The 12 Monkeys?



Yup :slight_smile: ’ ’ " ’ ’ ’ ’ ’ ’



The substitute???


Can’t remember if this ones been done before or not but should be fairly easy…



I’ll dig something up.

This is the kind of screen where I expect that anyone whose seen it will get it right off, but it’s not a huge flick as faras I know, so…


Quick Change I believe.


Anger Management.
Mine is EASY. I love the performance of James.


Is it titled Filth maybe?

Anyone can take my turn if that’s right.


You are right. Great.
I guess I’ll take it. :stuck_out_tongue: