Screen Grab - Movie Game


Star Wars: The Force Awakens: Snoke Scene.


Wrong. :sweat_smile: I didn’t think about that.
This movie is older and mythic.


The mummy?


Nah. Think about a masterpiece. An american movie in the 70’s.
This actor you see died in 2004, he was a legend.


Apocalypse Now?

anyway I see only shining baldness :slight_smile:


Yes, baby !!! ‘I like the smell of napalm in the morning.’ Palme d’Or 1979. Marlon Brando… Go on.


This movie was sooo pathetic…


Think I only saw one Tom green movie and it wasn’t particularly memorable. Freddy Got Fingered?


That’s the one!
My God, what a shitty movie…


Seeing as I don’t really remember it, I agree.

Not looking to make this too hard but don’t want to make it too easy.





Correct! Nice going.



“Public Enemies” I believe.(OK, I’m certain)


Too hard or you guys just off doing other stuff?


Sorry, I got blank. Maybe post an extra pic?



Ah, its The French Connection!

Sadly I have to pass because I’m stuck at work for another hour.


Ok, I’m home.


I could probably get it based off of the actors, but I don’t believe I’ve seen it, so I’ll give others who might’ve done so a shot at it.