Screen Grab - Movie Game


That’s right, its Friday.

Trying to dig up a movie?


I wasn’t sure if it was right so I was waiting for your confirmation. Then I forgot to check back. :joy:

Here’s mine. Should be easy.


Peewee’s Big Adventure!

This one may be tough. Let me know if you need more clues.


Actually I am gonna use a different image, that one is too hard. This should make it easier.


The Last Castle?



nope it is “In the Loop” good comedy



That’s Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me.



Rio Bravo?

I think that’s right. If so, anyone can have my turn.


I’ll take you up on that


Is it The Fountain?

(If amp confirms within 3 or so hours someone else can have my go.)


Forget 3 hrs, I think you won’t get an answer from @ampburner for another 3 days. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I looked it up and it’s correct. Next?


I was fairly certain, but I was on my phone at 2.30 AM, so I needed the time. :wink:


Anybody else can take turn.


An old movie from the 90’s


Wow. I recognize both of the actors, but can’t for the life of me remember who they are or what they’ve been in. I mean, I tried googling “Poor man’s Danny DeVito” but it turns out Robert Costanzo owns that title. :wink:


Well, it is a pretty old movie and not a very well known one at that.

A little hint…

It is a Comedy and has a pretty known actor in it from “Home Alone” I won’t say who though.