Screen Grab - Movie Game


Ok, I take it.
Who’s hiding behind these beautiful Ray-Ban ?


Patrick Bateman?

Just to be offical,it’s American Psycho.


Absolutely. Take the wheel.



I think that’s Spy Games though not 100% sure.

If so, my turn is on the table.


It is Spy Game. And that is a young Stannis Baratheon for any GoT fans out there. Always interesting to re-watch movies and see familiar faces.


Any idea on this film ? :smiley:


This is “Funny Games US” which is a remake of austrian movie “funny games” which I watched a long time ago, interesting movie, anyone can take my turn


I confirm. Someone take this turn. :relieved:


I guess I’ll go.


National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. Would’ve said it sooner but I’m running short on ideas of movies to post at the moment. So…next?



John Wick Chapter 2, senor ! :hushed::heart_eyes:



“Pusher” ?? I didn’t watch the movie but remember seeing some article about it, it is good?


This is Pusher II. I accept.
Man, it’s one of my favorite movies of NWR. They were " underground " because of their small budget, unique direction and poor distribution but since the notoriety of the director, they became popular. I recommand you to watch the first one and the second one (this one), which tells the story of Tonny, a young Danish thug who tries to find meaning in his life (his mother was a whore, his father is a godfather of the local mob), clumsy but so lovable because he makes moral choices. His interpret is the brilliant Mads Mikkelsen. I think this is one of this best role. I love him.


Definitely going to check this out, I like this kind of movies


This is again John Wick Chapter 2 right?


yeessssss!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:


My turn’s up for grabs.