Screen Grab - Movie Game


The Muppets (2011).

Who wants next?


I’m a little late lol but yes, needless to say, it was “Wisdom” Nice job!


You should, It is very good parody of Terminator


Ok, new movie. Guess it.


I think that nobody knows this movie :sweat_smile:


Should someone else go because it’s dark as fuck in those two screenshots and no one seems to know what the movie is?


It’s been over a month so I say go ahead if you want.


That was “Maniac”.
French director. This is Elijah Wood.
OK, next.







This might be a slightly unfair movie selection, it’s a Swedish movie, but it’s gained a lot of international popularity, and an American remake.


I think I recognize the guy on the right.

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo?



That’s Michael Nyqvist. Just recently passed away due to cancer. :frowning:


Hey, nobody said every flick chosen has to be made in America. Ok, should be an easy one.


Yeah I know this one. I’ll let someone else have a go though. The planned remake worries me.


Big Trouble in Little China?


Oh god, there’s a remake!? I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. I’m just gonna pretend it doesn’t exist.

@silvereye27 correct!



That’s a good one because it’s a stunt double. He’s supposed to be Roger Moore. It’s A View to a Kill, if I’m not mistaken. I know my Bonds quite well, and I recognise that car!


You are correct. A View to a Kill is pretty bad for obvious stunt doubles due to Roger Moore being 57 at the time, so much so you can play a drinking game of taking a shot everytime you spot Roger’s stunt double.

And yes, I thought I would try and be cheeky since you bunch are good at this game.