Screen Grab - Movie Game


if anyone actually gets this one, I’ll be shocked.
If you can’t, I’ll give out three hints.


I know that movie! can’t remember the title…I havn’t even seen it, but the line is a dead give away. I know it’s a Finish horror film.

Edit: Rare Exports, that’s what it’s called!


Not entirely horror, although there are some horror elements in it. And yes, I believe it is indeed Finnish.

Not much of a hint, but I watched with my family for Christmas.

(It is vastly superior to any version of Miracle on 34th Street to ever exist, believe me)



Ayyy, Rare Exports! He got it!!!
Good job!


Is it Unknown, the one with Liam Neeson?


You are indeed correct!


So, how does this work? Is everyone just posting screens whenever they feel like now?


I don’t understand it either. Take your turn now as the dust seems to have settled a bit.



I think there was a hick up after I guessed a movie and someone else made a post. But it seems to back in track.


A Cure For Wellness?


Yeap. Correct, and your turn.



Logan Lucky ? Say yes… :smirk:


I say NO!

Yeah, that’s correct. Your turn.


One of my favorite movies when I was younger.
A great lesson of life.


Been a long time since I’ve seen it but I believe that’s The Edge. Yeah that is a good flick.


You can go on 'cause that’s correct.