Screen Grab - Movie Game


To keep this ball rolling, I’ll submit another image, without any context:


But the picture @Nazareth posted isn’t out of context.


My latest picture is from an actual movie but I get the feeling no one is gonna guess it and I doubt more pics would help, so you can skip it.


I agree with @FearlessArogunz you might aswell have asked for more cles, not skip his turn without previously asking. Even if now he approves of it.

I had to google the picture because I know the name in spanish was Cazando Salvajes but I didn’t know the original language. Anyway. Hunting for the wilderpeople.


I think this should be easy.


I have feelings that someone will guess it, after all “fifty shades of black” is quite new movie , and Wayans is recognizable actor … ;]]


:smile: I thought so too but just because you and I know doesn’t mean other people here do. But I’m glad you got it.


Tenacious D!!!


That is a band, not a movie :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: you are close you just need to be specific enough lol.


…and the Pick of Destiny!


Your turn! \m/


Horror movie that came out in the mid-2000s.


The Fog?




The Mist? This text will be blurred


Yes indeed! You’re up.


Can’t right now so anyone can have next.


Easy one:


It must be Kubrick, propably 2001: A Space Odyssey but definitely Kubrick’s movie


Your turn.