Screen Grab - Movie Game


No idea what it is but this pic makes me think the monkeys are trying to shoot him into space, like the beginning of Planet of the Apes in reverse.


ekhm… nope, monkeys raping him… literally


another image

hint: based on a videogame


Uh oh, videogame movies always have a bad reputation. I’ll try for… Postal?


“videogame movies always have a bad reputation” it counts double for director Uwe Boll, anyway correct :]


True indeed. I think the only thing I half way liked of his was Rampage.

I’m stuck at work so my turn is up for grabs.


working in sunday kinda sucks honestly ;]


Oh, sorry! I didn’t realise his image was from a film, I just thought it was a reaction image to getting the right answer or something. I had no idea what the movie was, based on the picture.
Also, Hunt for the Wilderpeople is correct, good job.


Yeah, I know a lot of people hate it but I don’t mind it so much. Its less busy then working weekdays and today is my Friday. :ok_hand:

Is that Big Trouble in little China?


good to know its not so bad and you are free tomorrow and the answer is correct ;]




Probably wrong - Gravity?


Good guess but sorry, that is indeed wrong.


A Starfish in Space?


For some reason I want to say Alien vs Predator?


Looks more like a steering wheel to me. :slightly_smiling_face:

Sorry but incorrect.


That’s that Matt Damon movie, Elysium i think it’s called. Actually i havn’t seen it, but the primes with a space station above earth. Reminds me a lot about the plot of the movie…where the rich and powerful live in paradise, while the rest of humanity live in the ruins of the old world. Plus i remember seeing that spacestation in the trailer for the movie back in 2013.


Yes indeed that is correct! And it’s good flick, you should check it out. Your turn.




Seven Psychopaths?