Screen Grab - Movie Game


It’s a movie from more recent times, 5 years or so.


Hell and Highwater?

This text will be blurred


Nope, but here is the last hint. The Lead Actor made a comeback in recent times after taking a movie break to pressure a more public career.


The guy with the suit looks like a cross between Ben Stiller and Nicolas Cage. Is he either?


Ohhh must be Arnie - so probably that film he made a couple years ago called The Last Stand… I think. Didn’t see it but remember the trailer.


That’s correct, it’s The Last Stand :smile:




Reminds me of the garden area from the first scream movie.


Okay I feel like there’s very little chance of anyone getting this one.

A CLUE… the character in this image has the words “Love” and “Hate” tattooed on his hands.


Cape Fear?

This text will be blurred


A Robbie Williams concert?


Ahh good guess. The guy in the photo was also in Cape Fear (1962), but it’s a slightly earlier film.


Made me lol

20 char blah blah


Ok, it’s The Night of The Hunter.




Disgracefully, I’ve never gotten around to watching it despite being Scottish, but I know what movie it is, after all, there can be only one…


I’ll count this badass iconic line as close enough. :+1: It’s Highlander. Your turn.



Easy - Blade Runner. :slightly_smiling_face:


Yup. I really want to see Blade Runner 2049, a film on my “to buy” list.


I’ve been hearing a lot of rave reviews about, though sadly I also hear it didn’t make enough money.