Screen Grab - Movie Game


That is a shame, but then, neither did the original Blade Runner, especially when it had that botched editing with Harrison Ford narrating the movie. Although perhaps it is a good thing in a way that Blade Runner doesn’t become a movie franchise.


If anything goes on long enough then it will eventually grow stall so maybe you’re right. Still, it would’ve been nice to see this series succeed. I’m out of movies for now so anyone can have next.


Blade Runner 2049 is awesome, that is my review.


I concur, Blade Runner 2049 is awesome.


He erased the two tattoos a while ago now, there’s only one letter left. :wink:


Been a while…


Is it The Orient Express?


Yes! Do write out the full movie name and go ahead with your turn. :wink:


I actually forgot it was Murder on the Orient Express. Oops.


The movie in question is a sequel to a comedy classic.


clearly it must be the best comedy sequel ever made

deuce bigalow european gigolo



Airplane II.

Great film :stuck_out_tongue:


Posting in this thread can already be called necrobumping… :smile:






The Pianist?


Yeah,your turn

20 characters




Darkest Hour surely (20 char)


Yes. Your turn.