Screen Grab - Movie Game


Damn. That’s obviously a Batman animated film, what with the Penguin and Zsasz, but that’s all I can guess.


Is it that one recent animated Batman movie? Batman: The Killing Joke?


It’s a Batman movie but Batman himself is not the focus. Here’s a hint - there’s a live action version that went to theatres.


Hmm, is there a Suicide Squad animated movie? That would make sense since Batmans not in it.


Yep, this is it. It’s titled “Assault on Arkham” and it’s far better than the Will Smith version.


Here it is, sorry there’s a lot of edits, I was on mobile and the answer was on the picture.

This should be simple, really popular movie. I could never understand the appeal for this movie though.


The Water’s Form or whatever it’s name is in English. By Guillermo del Toro.


It’s a well written story accompanied by beautiful filmmaking, that’s the appeal.


Right! It’s called The Shape of Water.


That’s probably the case, especially with all the Oscars it won. However, I’m still put off by the whole premise of the movie. It just seems like a different variant of Beauty and the Beast.

But what do I know, I haven’t seen the movie lmao




Check it out, movie’s great.




Yup. Your turn. :bear:




Star Wars: The Last Jedi opening scene with the Resistance bombers over the First Order Star Destroyer.


That’s correct. Your turn.



Deep Blue Sea. That movie is way more fun than it should be.


You are correct on both.